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Issue:September 1994 Year: 1994

Scene Report
By Duncan Barlow

Sources tell me that Louisville was in a coma over this summer, having fewer than seven all-ages shows in all. I was able to attend only two shows due to my excessive touring with Endpoint and Guilt. Endpoint was forced to come home early when fill-in drummer David Wagenschutzt broke his thumb in Salt Lake City. It is awful that the only two shows I was able to attend were Endpoint and Guilt shows.

I came home the night of the Rodan show at Uncle Pleasant's. Uncle Pleasant's has since closed its doors. I was told that the police came and harassed Jason Noble and Tara O'Neil of Rodan. I was also told that Greg King of King G and the J Crew was arrested for merely asking for badge numbers. It is said that the police in Louisville hate the kids in the city; this does not help their case.

The Guilt show at the Louisville Gardens went well. Blank opened the evening with a powerful set. Ricochet came from Detroit and allowed Cory Roter, Enkindel's original bassist, to sit in and play two old songs to close the set. Guilt played next and it was one of the better sets we have played in quite a while. The only thing that ruined the evening was vandalism in the men's room.

This act of vandalism, together with the cigarette stains on the carpet in a clearly marked no-smoking area, caused the staff of Louisville Gardens to discontinue shows after the Jesus Lizard.

In a time that the all-ages scene is in such desperate need of support, a couple of people ruin it for everyone. It is beyond me why anyone would want to tag their name in the bathroom. Well, if you wanted to be remembered, you did a good job.

On August 18 Falling Forward played a show organized by Dan Wherle as a benefit for a women's shelter, reaching a capacity of 500 people.

Guilt and Enkindel toured together this summer. The tour went well, even though we were paid only fifty dollars at three shows. Enkindel decided not to play Richmond due to van problems and it was a good thing they did not; their van broke down on the way to Indiana.

Guilt did make it to Richmond, Va. The show was basically a metal fest, whereby major label bands such as Gore Guts could watch new metal bands while waiting for their turns to play. Richmond is a cool scene but it is harder this year to tour as an independent band.

The crowds all over the United States have grown a lot smaller and less supportive as a whole. I don't know if the recent explosion of alternative music and the major-label buy-out of underground bands has killed it, or if the underground scene is just naturally declining.

The second-coolest show on the tour, besides Louisville, was Detroit, a city that has a craving for bands from Louisville. I think a lot of this has to do with Initial Records, a Detroit label that has signed three Louisville bands: Guilt, Falling Forward and Enkindel. Initial is planning to move to Louisville within a year.

I hear that the owners of the Cherokee Blues Club are planning on changing its name to the Cherokee Club. They are also planning to add alternative shows to their calendar.

Endpoint will be playing a free show at the New Albany amphitheater on September 4 for WQMF's 11th birthday party.

Rodan has decided to take a break from touring and playing shows; they are not breaking up.

I suppose that is all for this month. Due to my absence from the local scene, I am not able to report as much as I'd like to. I will return next month with more local news because I will be in town more. Until next month, bye.

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