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Issue: March 1995

Bodie on 38th Street

38th Street, Way 2 Real's debut album. consists of 13 tracks: six remixes, two interludes and five new songs. Bodie MC walked us through some of the tracks, offering anecdotes about their genesis.

38th Street

"Bam's talking about how down here, either you work or you sell drugs. But even though we all do different things, we're still friends. We all stick together as a group on the street."

In the song. Bodie tells the story of how a friend of the group named Peanut Butter was murdered in the East End of downtown Louisville. The lyrics say that the West Enders are going to "retaliate, a body for a body."

"But it's just a song. If we were going to do that, it would have been done a long time ago. The day it happened, we were all ready to go up there and take care of it. But we sat around and talked about it and we decided that retaliating wouldn't bring Peanut Butter back. But tell you, if you're from around here and you spend more than a mouth or so in the East End, you'll get killed."

Freak Me Baby

"I've never been fond of that song because it seemed like I was uncomfortable with it; you could hear it. It was all cussin,' but there ain't. a cuss word in it now." (The song was originally tiltled "F— me Baby."

It appeared on Undaground Mafia's 1994 album Ghetto Thang,

Southern Funk

"We'll back with another hit. This is Southern music more than North or West Coast. It's based on "Jamaica Funk" by Chaka Khan. 11 says, 'We have to put the guns up because we have to gel paid.' Violence in rap? I've never seen how a song can make you go out and kill somebody. Like Scarface [for instance], his songs put pictures in your head. But people take their kids to see violent movies and don't think nothing about it."

Still Walkin

"A play off 'Gangsta Walk,' but it's a lot better."

Gangsta Walk & Ghetto Thang

"The music is redone, but the lyrics are the same [as they are on 1994's Ghetto Thang album]."

Tha Butterfly

"A club song, all the way."

Tops Down

"It's about convertible cars and puttin' tile top down. The music is summery."

Playa Thang

"This is like 'Superfly' and stuff like that. It's about gettin' girls basically."

Hot N Wet

"It sounds like a beautiful ballad and then we start talking. It's just us being silly. Bam is talking to this girl and I'm singing in the background, 'hot 'n' wet,' 'hot 'n' wet.' A lot of people like it; they laugh at it. It's also a song for people to slow dance to."

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