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Issue:November 2012 Year: 2012
Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

Now is the time to really go into the holiday mode. It is that time of the year. First thing to do is to get your holidays in the proper order. Regress just a wee bit: Halloween has had its day. I never really thought of Halloween as a holiday. Now it's time to look ahead to a day of thanksgiving. A good traditional Thanksgiving day. A day for the gathering of family, the day of a big turkey meal relaxation after the big dinner and just family socializing together. A day to reminisce a bit and realize or recognize the blessings you have. There's plenty of time to go Christmas so enjoy Thanksgiving as it is.

I'll be skipping around a bit this time in order to include for one, things that followed October's deadline. One I have in mind was the Vine Grove bluegrass festival in late September. The festival came off pretty good. However the weather wasn't quite so good. It turned cool, okay, make that cold, and a lot of attendees were leaving a little early before the finish. Some good friends and acquaintances were on the bill. The Grascals finished last. Bobby Osborne opened it up Thursday. I got a chance to visit a short bit with Bobby. Charlie Smith was also there and that made a good picture following Bobby's close that night. During Bobby's show, Charlie Smith joined him on stage to give him a copy of his book, "The Stragglers," a very good book Charlie wrote about his Korean experience in 1950. We took a picture of the three of us together. Three Korean vets together in one picture. Charlie was there in 1950, Bobby and I were there in 1953 at the same time. Not together though, Bobby was a Marine in the rough spots up north and I was back in the Seoul area in charge of the POL for an engineer dump truck company. It's a picture I am very glad to have.

Writing this ahead more than I usually do, I'm resorting to sharing some experiences. Recently watching the Marty Stuart Show (RFD), he had Dale Jett as a guest and along with him his cousin Lorrie Bennett. Dale is Sara and A. P. Carter's grandson. Back in the mid-50s, Bill Anderson hosted a TV game show on TNN. The show was Fandango, a country music trivia game. I was on it two nights. There was a very pretty young lady there waiting her turn to be on as were the rest of us. As it happened she was sitting next to me on the panel. As that show was winding up, Bill goes down the three of us with a closing comment. He asked Lorrie if he she would tell her "secret" now. Her secret: she is Anita Carter's daughter. I have a tape of the show, taped from TV, and I took a copy to Dale Jett to share with her and one for him. Dale performs rather regularly at the Museum Of Appalachia, always on my stage.

Short version of what's happening. Jams are still in progress at all the familiar places as far as I know. The Music Barn at Shepherdsville is on the go. November 2nd. Russell Moore and III Tyme Out 9th. Dale Ann Bradley 16th.  The GRASCALS 23rd. NO SHOW Happy Thanksgiving 30th. , The Bluegrass Brothers DEC. 7th, Leiper's Fork.

Thanks readers, friends and listeners. A great holiday season for and to you. Keep this in mind folks, have a good time, keep it that way and don't drive when you ain't supposed to. Every Sunday night, WFPK 91.9 FM for Sunday Bluegrass 8 11 pm. until it's time to go get a doughnut.

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