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Issue: January 2009
Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

Well, it's about all over but the shouting, for awhile anyhow. Time to get used to dating those checks and things '09 and forget '08. Sometimes it takes a few weeks, somewhere around July 4th, and then it seems like just as soon as you get it down pat the whole routine starts over. Did you make any resolutions? New Year's that is? You can borrow mine if you like; it is the easiest one I know of to keep. My resolution is to NOT make any New Year's resolutions. It's kind of like a T-shirt I saw once that said, "Go ahead, be naughty and save Santa the trip." By now you've got it figured out; there's not much to put in here this time

Good Moment

I did have a phone chat with Wade Mainer last month. He is doing pretty good and still sounds good. He and Julia celebrated their I think she said 72nd anniversary a couple of weeks or so before our chat. It is always a good moment when I call Wade. He loves for folks to call him and it helps my day also.

I hope you all had a very good Christmas, spent time with the folks you wanted to, and your gift wishes came through. If everything went well, according to the plan, I was with my daughter and great-granddaughter in Virginia. I say ‘if' because I have to write this before some things happen.

It's Magic

Not music, but the first Saturday last month the Louisville Magic Club had its annual Christmas banquet and show. I always enjoy it, and especially when good friends are there. This year some of my Vine Grove jammers friends and others joined me.

Forward Thinking

Well now, aside from the resolutions, we can start thinking about the coming year. Such things as festivals that will be going on, maybe starting to attend the jams around if you are not doing that already, and look forward to meeting and making new friends. Just maybe becoming one of the pickers yourself. Get an instrument and come around for plenty of help and encouragement; that's one of the reasons for a regular jam session.

Itching To Pick

That reminds me. I'll have more on this later, but ITP Itching To Pick will be back in March at the Galt House.

Wedding Bells

Doing the bit below reminded me to add this: Chloe Blayne (Kentucky Sassafras) and Joshua Richards (Blue River) were married in Lake Tahoe, California, the 17th of November. Our best wishes and blessings to you both, and don't forget us.

Continuing Activities

Jams aplenty. The Vine Grove Jam is on Friday nights in Vine Grove City Hall and will continue until spring, when weather allows it to move back to the Optimist Park.

Colesburg Jam at the Colesburg Baptist Church every Friday night.

Leitchfield Bluegrass Jam, South Gate Mall near Haye's Music Store, also on Friday nights.

Tuesday nights at Ray's Monkey House Coffeeshop, 1578 Bardstown Rd., 8-midnight.

Tuesday, 5:30 p.m. until ?? at the New Silver Heights Bingo Hall, 9206 Blue Lick Road.

Shepherdsville: January 2 King's Highway, January 9 Sassafras, January 16 Kentucky Blue, January 23 Dailey & Vincent, January 30 The Grascals, Feb. 6 Larry Sparks.

Happy New Year!

Well, good readers, as I said at the top, not a whole lot to pass on at this time. So guess I'll just fade out for now with a wish for a successful and Happy New Year, one and all. Stay alert and careful. Remember Sunday Bluegrass each Sunday night 8-11, 91.9 FM, WFPK. IF you see this in time, tune in New Year's Day at NOON for three hours of Hank Williams SR. If you can't come, write.

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