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Issue: March 2010

Fashionably Alternative Stir the Blood (Island)

The Bravery

The Bravery's third album and latest release Stir the Blood is fashionably alternative to say the least. The new wave revivalists mix heavy synthesizers, punchy dance beats and elastic vocals to create a reminiscent brand of indie rock.

Stir the Blood is extremely hook-heavy in a U2-type way with a darkness that resembles early 1990s Depeche Mode. Throughout the album, vocalist Sam Endicott alternates between capped screams and deep, reverb-surrounded mumblings, while using a deviant style of topical songwriting.

I saw Jacob, he lay in the street/ he said the air out here is like an amphetamine/and I never wanna sleep again/ I wanna live ‘til I die," Endicott softly sings over an X-Files-sounding synth riff during "A Song for Jacob" before erupting into a climactic chorus.

Stir the Blood continues to sift through each track in similar fashion. The band's third album draws from its 2005 self-titled debut, but Endicott and John Hill add several production twists that swerve through previously unexplored territories.

The Bravery has become a well-known underground band and for good reason. They are upbeat, trendy and very well-polished, but one wouldn't have to stretch their ears too far to find the band's influences. Nonetheless, the Bravery seems to be the right group for the right scene in the right city. Their music is energetic and interesting.

Find out more at www.thebravery.com.

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