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Issue: March 2009

Guilty Pleasures, No Waiting

Heart On (Downtown)
Eagles of Death Metal

The Eagles of Death Metal's newest release Heart On is much like Peace Love Death Metal (2004) and Death by Sexy (2006) flamboyantly coked-out guitars and drums spread across an acid-soaked canvas stroked with slutty party lyrics and easy melodies. But Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme (drums) and best friend Jesse Hughes (vocals and guitar) put the pedal to the metal with Heart On, drawing from the artistically hormone-laced bands like Kiss, the Stooges, and the Rolling Stones.

The first single "Wannabe in L.A." is pop enough to roll through the hills of Cali, but gritty enough to rock the small-skirted, hip-shakers of New York City. The track is surf rock with a moody, distorted bass, sickening guitar tones and a seriously peppy kick and snare. The video is no less entertaining blending new age, psychedelic backgrounds with a skinny, greasy-haired rocker wearing a mustache and mullet to match. Throughout, Hughes showcases his sweet retro dance moves.

He sings about them on "(I Used to Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants," which opens with a seizure-ing, snare-ridden drumbeat and raunchy southern rock riffs that are kept tight by a shakily distraught, but smooth vocal line.

I used to couldn't dance so good. I had to get some moves," Hughes grooves. "I used to be a massacre. I never got a second glance. Now I'm kind of lethal on the dance floor Now check it, tight pants."

Hughes turns a bit more serious with "Anything 'Cept the Truth," in which he explains to his significant other that, well, he'll say anything but the truth, hinting that he's messing around. The growling vocal line rides a Keith Richards-type guitar riff done doggy-style by a jerking, rhythmic bass-line and is salivated upon the request of an in-your-face, cannon-like drumbeat and cool creep-o lyrics that cover your mind in a suffocatingly sweet manner.

Heart On is underground pop a sexy, easy listen full of dance rhythms and catchy choruses, but so unlike any other pop that it's a legit pleasure for rock connoisseurs.

Get your heart on at www.eaglesofdeathmetal.com.

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