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Eddy Metal
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Issue: July 2014

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Corey Sturgill

Name: Corey Sturgill

Age: 25

Instrument: Drums

Band/Former Bands: currently drumming for Johari, ex-drummer for Centerfold.

How long on instrument: 17 long years

Equipment: PDP drums and Zildjian K custom cymbals.

Influences: Chris Coleman and Josh Freese.

My first gig: Hmm I've played at church since I was 15, but my first gig in a band was at Bulldog Cafe 7 years ago with my dad. We had a band called Primal Dust.

Hobbies: Drumming, I train Brazilian jui jitsu, I love going out and riding my long board down some hills at Iroquois Park, going to concerts and hanging with my friends.

Favorite movies: Dumb and dumber (super excited about the new one), Elysium, Anchorman and Sex Drive is probably the funniest movie I've ever seen.

Favorite food: I love gyros, Philly cheese steaks, ham and pineapple pizza.

Favorite place: Anywhere with great weather and a beach.

Favorite sports or team: Love mixed martial arts. My favorite fighter is Nick Diaz.

What I'm listening to nowadays: I literally listen to all music, but as of lately I've been listening to a lot of Karnivool, Northlane and Deftones.

Coolest thing I've done: I went to California last year. That was the funnest trip ever. While I was there I got my medicinal marijuana license :)

Most embarrassing moment: Well I embarrass myself on a daily basis but one time I was a St. Matthews mall years ago and this chick had on a shirt that said "save a horse and ride a cowboy" so I wrote my number down on a piece of paper and and folded it up and wrote "cowboy" on the front and gave it to her. Well as I gave it to her, her mom was sittin' beside her and didn't think it was as funny as I did. She was literally yelling cuss words at me in the middle of the mall. Security came and everything. I felt like 1000 people were staring at me.

Bad Habits: I swear a lot... And I mean a lot!

When/where did you first get some: At a truck stop.. He was gentle :p

If you could meet a Rockstar (past or present), who would it be, and why: probably Dave Grohl, he's hilarious and I'd like to drum with him/

Who do you love: Jesus, my family and I love lamp!

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