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Issue: September 2013
Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Now that 2013 Kentucky State Fair has wrapped up, the flood of talent through the town can resume at full force. The number of legends coming through the area has made Louisville seem like Branson on the Ohio, only with better variety. The Palace takes the lead with shows from The Moody Blues, Stevie Winwood, The Black Crowes, Barenaked Ladies and, most recently, Willie Nelson & Family. Do you think banks will add a new class of loans, just for legends' shows?

The 9th Annual Jugband Jubilee , set for September 21, noon to 11p.m. at the Brown-Forman Amphitheatre on the Waterfront, will feature these bands:
The Crow Quill Night Owls, Port Townsend , WA; The Hokum High Rollers, New Orleans, LA; Sanctified Grumblers, Chicago, IL; The Cincinnati Dancing Pigs, Cincinnati, OH; The Juggernaut Jug Band, Louisville, KY; How Long Jug Band, Portland, OR; The Jake Leg Stompers, Murfreesboro, TN; Boo Bradley, Madison, WI; Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues, New York, NY. This event is just wonderful all around because it's A. family-friendly; B. free and C. it celebrates a music that was born in Louisville.

Gubbey Records has announced new compilation, Head Cleaner, A Compilation Vols 1 & 2 , with 45 Louisville bands contributing to two cassettes (!?) + a download card, coming on November 29. Should be …. curious. Contributing artists:
The Bottom Sop, Tamara Dearing, Rude Weirdo, Opposable Thumbs, The Cut Family Foundation, IamIs, Asm A Tik, Furlong, Humongous, Light Box, Blind Tigers, Black Kasper, Tender Mercy, Adventure, Bus Hus, Danica Ransom, D'Arkestra, Foor, Bush League, Rare Treats, Weird Girl, Decline Effect, Luxor, Sick City Four, Whistln'Rufus, Sandpaper Dolls, New Bravado, Plastic Melodies, Mr.Samples, Andy Matter, Empiria Vultura, Thaniel Ion Lee, God Tickler Plus, Anderson, Mimi Von Schnitzel, Hitchhike, Glass Pack, Ruff Patches, Plastic Bubble, Hoosier Pete, Stone Cutters, Vice Tricks, MU, Jeff Shelton and Uncommon Houseflies.

The folks at Palomino Record Pressing have posted that they are back in operation, following the death of owner Tom Dillander back in February. Palomino is one of the very few record plants that still press vinyl records and it's in Shepherdsville. Head over to their site at http://www.dosado.com/pressinghome.htm for updates .

Stephen Klein, President of the Kentucky Center, resigned on August 19, effective immediately. He will remain as an independent consultant through the end of the season. Klein has been diagnosed with a medical condition which makes him prone to unexpected falls.

It had to happen a couple of music bloggers sit around drinking and talking about how to promote all the "under-appreciated" bands that they like, so they decide to form a "media company focusing on management, publicity, video, design, and copywriting." It's called Doppelgang Media and the blogs involved are We Listen For You and The Decibel Tolls. It'll be interesting to see how the business progresses.

Louisville's DIY Cropped Out Festival, set for September 27-29 at American Turners Club and The Workhouse Ballroom, has added Bonnie "Prince" Billy and his occasional collaborator Matt Sweeney to the schedule. They will recreate their 2005 Drag City album Superwolf, which has not been performed live before, from start to finish. Adding "Prince" should really drive some attendance and give the festival additional status in the festival scene.

In the monthly feature "Heavy Rotation," NPR polls public radio personalities to see what they're playing and, from that, compile a top ten list. Houndmounth's "Penitentary" made the list.

An early "heads up" - the annual MERF benefit is set for November 24 at Jim Porter's. Lineup to be announced soon.


Higgins, Bennett Leon, 70, died in Louisville on August 20, 2013. He was a jazz saxophone player who performed with many Louisville jazz groups over the years, including the Ron Hayden Group. He taught at the U of L School Of Music and was the former band leader of Joe's Palm Room Band.

Ratliff, Kenneth Dale, 58, of Shelby County, died on July 30. He was a gospel musician.

Shidler, Raymond Edgar, 95 , died in Louisville on July 25, 2013. He as a mandolin, fiddle and harmonica player with his wife Mary in The Musical String.

Garnett, Edward L, 81 , died in Louisville on July 19, 2013. He was the lead singer in The Religious Five Gospel Quartet.

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