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Issue:March 2011 Year: 2011
Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

March winds going to blow all my blues away, February blues that is. Wow, that was some month. Cold and colder, but then we've had a lot of that. So, March, blow in some summertime. I was ready for summertime last September. The snow and cold are just a memory for now, I hope. Spring flowers now, and soon will be a welcome sight. All of that gives hope.

So Long To Cherryholmes

Speaking of hope, I had hoped to be able to write a bit about the Salt River Bluegrass Festival, the 18th and 19th of this last month. At this writing I can only use a crystal ball approach. Why? Can't I remember? Yes I can, but the kicker here is my deadline for this edition was the 18th, instead of the 20th as usual. Why? Because February is our shortest month. Not necessarily the fastest and the bestest, however. Where did I get that? Anyhow, I anticipated a very good turnout for a very good lineup. This, as of now, was probably the last opportunity to see Cherryholmes in action as a family. I am sure they did an all-out spectacular show.

As most of you know by now, Cherryholmes will disband in May. Their last and farewell show will be May 7 at Houstonfest in Galax, Virginia. All of their fans, of course, are not exactly happy about this. But it's their call and we should be glad for what we have enjoyed these seemingly too few years, and understand their decision. Maybe they will sometime miss us almost as much as we will them. As the old show business adage goes, "Always leave them wanting more." Thanks, friends.

Sizemore CD Is Good-un

A new CD in from Charlie Sizemore last month is a good-un, but then I would expect no less from Charlie. I have a CD that has one of the songs on it, "No Lawyers In Heaven." Got some good response to that the first time I played it, as you might imagine. Charlie didn't write it but he is a lawyer. Go figure. Billy Edd Wheeler ("Ode To The Little Brown Shack") and Paul Craft put this together. Some others on this Rounder release are "Walking The Floor Over Me," "Going To Georgia," "Poor Rambler," "Ashley Judd" and others. Fourteen tracks in all.

Go Retro For A Moment

I get RFD TV and was watching Ralph Emory with Jim Ed Brown. Some interesting comments and stories from Jim Ed. One thing that caught my attention for the moment: He was telling about recording The "Three Bells"with Maxine and Bonnie. He said that there are three more verses to it that were not included. Back at the time they recorded this, a record/song could not be more than three minutes long. I had heard that, but didn't know why. Thought it was probably because that was all a single could hold. They had intended to do the whole thing and Chet Atkins told them to limit it to three minutes. The reason was that for anything over three minutes they had to pay double royalties. So goes the recording music world.

Wade Mainer Update

This past month I gave a call to Wade Mainer. Come April he will be 104. All things considered, he is doing pretty well. And to me that is good news.

Visiting Listeners

Sunday night, the 13th, I had visitors to Sunday Bluegrass a couple of longtime listeners, Debbie and Harry Farris. Timing is everything. It turned out to be very enjoyable and helpful. We (WFPK) have some computer entries concerning what we are planning to do during our programs things that give new meaning to the term multitasking. Debbie asked to help, proclaiming she loves to type. And, oh boy, did she. Sure made my night easier and simpler. Harry and Debbie, THANK you so much.

Date Book" Entries For This Month

The jams are happening and that's a good thing: Colesburg Baptist Church, Colesburg, Ky., Fridays, 6:30 p.m.; Hillview City Hall, Thursdays, 6 p.m.; McQuady Fire Dept., McQuady, Ky., Thursdays, 6 p.m.; BA (Bluegrass Anonymous), Holiday Inn, 1325 Hurstbourne Parkway, Thursdays, 7 p.m. Vine Grove City Hall, Fridays, 6 p.m. Fifth Annual Itchin' To Pick at the Galt House, Louisville, March 4 and 5. Friday afternoon until? Saturday, all day 'til? Next it's Shepherdsville Music Barn with Blue River: March 4, Karl Shiflett. March 11 and March 18, Bluegrass 101. March 25, Dean Osborne Band and April Melvin Goins.

Be sure to join in on Sunday Bluegrass every Sunday night, 8-11 p.m. The shortest, fastest and the bestest three hours in radio (right up to time to go get a doughnut), steaming audio to the world.

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