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Issue: July 2010
Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

It's fireworks time again, also picnic time and the things we used to do to celebrate our independence. Celebrate while we still can. Summertime is here in full force and now we can do summertime things like enjoying the shade of a tree and gentle breezes. True, it can be very hot, but heat does not produce ice storms, heavy snows, downed power lines and all of those enjoyable outdoor activities. One thing I like is being able to open the doors and windows. If it's a little too hot, turn on a fan; doesn't run the electric bill up as much as the air conditioning, which is something I save for company

Birthday Bash


Photo By

davidKanapple&Berk davidKanapple&Berk

The Cherryholmes

Photo By

The Cherryholmes The Cherryholmes

The Cherryholmes

Photo By Berk Bryant

The Cherryholmes The Cherryholmes

Now that you have been introduced to summer, I'll turn to events of the past month. For my part, an absolute packed month. The kick-off was the great birthday bash cooked up by WFPK program director Stacy Owen, Billy Hardison and others I know. But I don't know who the other guilty parties are, so I apologize. I told you that to tell you this THANKS many times over. Bless you all.

The "bash" was at the Vernon Club, and Sunday Bluegrass was broadcast from there all three hours. I don't have a count in mind, but I can safely say it was a mess of mighty fine folks, fans, listeners and downright friends more than a hundred. (You are too modest, Mr. Country Gentleman; I'm pretty sure there were way more than a hundred! - Your Proofreader.) I must mention that among those friends were the three participating bands: Bluegrass 101, Blue River and Cherryholmes. Plus pre-show entertainment on the parking lot was provided by jammers and pickers from the Vine Grove Monday-night jammers. Once again, all of these together attest to the kind of wonderful people that make up the Bluegrass Music family.

The big surprise to me at the party was when a recorded birthday wish from Dr. Ralph Stanley was included in the show. I'm left without words to express my thanks to Ralph, who truly is a friend. James Alan informed that they are recording a new CD for Rebel, and Ralph recorded his message there. Most sincere thanks to Dr. Ralph and all of the band. How lucky/blessed can one be?

A very humble thanks to all of you; I just don't have the words to fully express sincere feelings

Follow-Up in Lanesville

There is a follow-up to this. On Friday, the 16th, I was invited to MC a show at the New Life Christian Church, Lanesville, Ind. A very good show, featuring Relic and Cherryholmes again, and an enthusiast audience. I have been provided and blessed with many great friends over all my years. It brings to mind what my great-aunt used to say when I was still a kid, "Berkley has never met a stranger in his life." I'm proud to know you all

Another bit of filler

The last month was my trip to Virginia to see my daughter and great granddaughter, a trip I make about three times a year. Every trip of whatever nature produces new and more memories. Sherry had a birthday gathering the Saturday I was there, which was like a family reunion ... something we used to do every year when I was growing up. Now, not as many to attend or able to, but the ones that did made a great gathering and renewal.


Enough, he says, as I turn to a word about a couple of new CDs available. Cherryholmes IV is out. I believe Jere said they had written all of the songs. Yes, it is a mix, and yet Cherryholmes comes through strong. (Yes, I will be using it on SBG.) They performed several cuts from it at the two events mentioned above and were well received. CD No. 2 from James Alan Shelton. WOW, another good'un. The title is Where I'm Bound, and it's on his own Sheltone label. Songs are taken from several different genres and given the James Alan Shelton master's touch. You will be hearing this. James' versatility shows up on his part by playing both lead and rhythm guitar parts, bass, banjo, mandolin and vocals. Just to mention a few, "Where I'm Bound," "Pastures Of Plenty," "Home Sweet Home" and one he wrote, "Riding On The Clinchfield," plus

What's going on?

Jams aplenty, that's what: Colesburg Baptist Church, Friday nights, 6:30. Hillview City Hall, Thursday nights, 6:30. Siggy's Pizza, 56220 Barrett Lane, Valley Station, Wednesday, 7p.m. And the Vine Grove Optimist Park, Monday nights, about 6.

All cranked up and "paddle wheeling"/picking away are the Belle of Louisville Sunday afternoon bluegrass cruises. Boarding starts at 1:30, cruise at 2 and back at 4. For the outstanding buffet lunch cruise, reservations must be made in advance. Contact the Belle of Louisville at 502-574-2992. Bands for this month: July 4, Whiskey Bent Valley Boys; July 11, Blues Zen Grass; July 18, same as the 4th; July 29, same as 11th.

Well friends, this about winds it up for this time. Thanks again to all for your participation in the events mentioned. Now that some of you have found out what "it" looks like, stay tuned anyhow to WFPK 91.9 FM each Sunday night for Sunday Bluegrass,8-11. Be sure you're on time. Check out my opening act, Michael Young Roots and Boots from 5 until 8. Behave now, and we'll go get a doughnut.

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