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Issue: June 2008
Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

With the recent run-up in gas prices, the effect on the very many festivals happening in the area is not likely to be good, though young music fans will often find a way around such trivial matters as a tank of gas. Of course, with the upcoming Terrastock Festival happening at the Mellwood Center, a bus ride will suffice. This is the seventh staging in the history of the festival, which began in England. Accordingly, most folks in Louisville haven't a clue about it. The band list is very, very long and most of the names on it will not be familiar to many readers. Nevertheless, it should be a notable event with lots of interesting music.

The weather was nearly perfect, the crowds were large. Event producer Gary Jacob of the Abbey Road on the River Festival complained that there hasn't been enough corporate support and that has to change. Next!

The weekly publication LEO has been sold to Nashville-based SouthComm Communications. Publisher Pam Brooks keeps her job; editor Cary Stemle, sales and marketing director Kelly Gream, designer Mark Bacon and circulation/Web manager Michael Steiger all have been fired, Managing editor Stephen George will be interim editor. What this means to the weekly will not be completely known for some while, though the new owners assert that things will continue as usual. S-u-u-u-r-r-e they will.

Brigid Kaelin scored a major coup last month, when she sat in with Elvis Costello at the Palace as an accordion and musical saw player. She got to play several tunes with the band and was introduced at the end. She had left him a note at WFPK, offering her services as an accordion player and he took her up on it.

This might only be a one-day story for Brigid to tell her family or it might well wind up in the books along with Kris Kristofferson's famous helicopter arrival at Johnny Cash's house, should some additional blessings come Brigid's way as a result.

Bruce Duncan "Utah" Phillips, 73, died in in his bed in Nevada City, California, on May 23. Phillips was a singer and songwriter noted for his storytelling and leftist political leanings. He was a scholar who collected songs from the American past, including railroad and hobo songs.

The 17th annual Yellowbanks Dulcimer Festival is set for June 6 and 7, 2008, "On the Banks of the Ohio" at English Park in Owensboro, Kentucky. The Festival offers free concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings and free workshops Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. (Free is a hard price to argue with.) There's more information and maps at www.kyfestivals.com/details.php?id=591.


Duchane, Alice Kathryn, 78, died May 6, 2008 at her home in Floyd Knobs. She was a singer, dancer, musician and radio talk show host.

Felty, Vernon R. I, of Fairdale, KY, died on May 13, 2008.. He was a musician and cofounder of such local bands as Carnations and Trendells, Jill Jefferies and The New Kermit and Felty and Kayes and was a member of the American Federation of Musicians.

McElrath, Hugh Thomas "Doctor Mac," 86, died May 8, 2008, in Orange Park, FL. He was a professor of church music at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary from 1949-1998.

Stucky, Lloyd Sam, 74, died Monday, May 12, 2008 at Floyd Memorial Hospital in New Albany, IN. He was a bass fiddle player.

Tyler, Jesse Cook Jr., 85, passed away Sunday, May 4, 2008. He played drums for several Louisville artists, including Larry Adams Limited and Cliff Butler. He was a member of the American Federation of Musicians.

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