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Issue: February 2008

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Donny Torrance.

Age: 35.

Bands: I play guitar in Sowing Discord and vocals for Assisting Sorrow

In middle school, I was in a band called Revenant, then Deathlahem, which featured the late great Jimmy Clark on drums. My next project was Dump Gang, which I was in for around 10 years. We did pretty well for a while, but we all were dealing with the old "personal demons" issues. During the last year or two of DG, I played keyboard in a twisted project called Sideshow. After Dump Gang, I joined Sowing Discord. We have been at it for a couple years or so, played some shows, we all get along pretty well and have a great time together. Recently I was added to the Assisting Sorrow line up as a singer; big shoes to fill - Jim Higgins was really good with them.

Danny Torrance

How Long On the Instrument: I been playing guitar for 21 years (I should be way better.)

Equipment: My equipment is quite basic and not really very fancy, I play a B.C. Rich-Bich. It's had some mods and hot pick-ups put in, so it is probably the nicest guitar I ever owned. My friend Chris Thomas gave it to me. My amp and effects are quite simple - I have a solid state 200 watt Randall head, run through a 4x12 Behringer cabinet and a 4x12 Celestian Crate cab. My effects are just normal stuff: wah, tube screamer, an octave pedal and an Ibanez analog delay.

Influences: My influences are many, from Prince and Frank Zappa to Metallica and Carcass. James Hetfield taught me how to play the guitar.

My first gig: Swiss Hall, when I was 16, I was in Revenant and we played with Queen Assassin and BRIDE! That's right, set the way back machine to "Bride".

Hobbies: Lately I have been into the Nintendo Wii. I have been collecting my toenail clippings for the last seven years in a Helman's jar (best mayo in the world in my opinion.)

Favorite Movies: Wild At Heart, Eraser Head, The Shining, Evil Dead, Airplane! and Blazing Saddles!

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