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Issue: February 2017
Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Right at the end of January, the Louisville music scene was confronted by the deaths of two well-known figures, Rocky Adcock and Dana Roy. Keith Clements' columns from January and February 2001 have Rocky’s story and are combined in the February Ramble. We have much less on Dana, unfortunately, as he was rather quiet and not a publicity-seeker. In any case, we send our condolences to the families and friends of both men.

The ongoing task of uploading back issues continues, although with less-than-complete success. Not all issues from the 1992-1993 years have been located, although for some of those there remains some of the text. For the moment, all the text from those issues have been uploaded. When print copies become available, the additional text and photos will be added.

Here are the issues added since last month's issue:

June 1993, featuring Crain: http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&issueid=52

May 1993, featuring Big Wheel: http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&issueid=51

April 1993 – Some of the text, cover story not determined: http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&issueid=50

March 1993, featuring Hula Hoop. Photos mostly unavailable: http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&issueid=49

February 1993, featuring WFPK/WFPL. Photos and other, undetermined text missing: http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&issueid=48

January 1993, featuring Vince Emmett. Photos and other, undetermined text missing: http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&storyid=13074&headline=Vince_Emmett_Interview&issueid=47

December 1992, partial text. http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&issueid=46

November 1992, Summerscene/Winterscene featuring, no photos, most text: http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&issueid=45

October 1992, featuring Louisville Drummers. All content: http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&issueid=44

September 1992, featuring Mere Mortals. Most text, no photos: http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&issueid=43

August 1992, featuring da Mudcats. All content: http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&issueid=42

July 1992, featuring 200 Years Of Kentucky Music. Most text, no photos: http://www.louisvillemusicnews.net/webmanager/index.php?WEB_CAT_ID=50&issueid=41


Adcock, "Rocky," 70, died on January 24, 2017. Rocky was a bluesman and a fixture in the Louisville music scene. He played with many veteran acts throughout the decades, and also formed his own band, the Rocky Amaretto Blues Band. He was a founding member and first president of the Kentuckiana Blues Society, and helped to establish the Garvin Gate Blues Festival. He was a past president of the Louisville Federation of Musicians. He remained a generous supporter and promoter of local musicians. .

Layman, Michael A., 68, of Louisville, died on Friday, January 13, 2017. He was a songwriter and musician and a longtime member of the old Louisville Area Songwriters Cooperative.

Roy, Dana, died in Louisville on January 30, 2017. He was a musician and studio owner.

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