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Issue:September 2015 Year:2015
Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Heading into the beginning of Fall and hoping of a long string of fall-like days, rather than the possibility of an early winter seems to be what is driving your humble Editor to work on back issues, the piles of stuff in the garage and his persistent inability to master some basic choreography. The issues will get done, however long it takes; likewise the piles in the garage will shrink and/or be compressed to the point that it will be possible to park at least on car in the garage during the upcoming winter. As for the choreography, that remains a challenge for this old man, but it's far better to have a challenge than to have nothing to do.

As for the back issues, I had been charging along, right up until I got to the March 1996 issue, at which point things slowed to a crawl, due to the complete lack of digital records of the content of that (and the four preceding) issues. Even though the scanner works well enough, it takes two passes to get a whole page and the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software is not perfect, as it is necessary to essentially re-edit all of the content in each issue. Plus, all of the photos had to be separately saved and processes somewhat to make them fit to use. What had taken at most a couple of days per issue now takes a full week of work. Ah, well. There is an end, way back in April 1989.

I did get out to see a little bit of a seven-piece band from Greensboro, NC, called Songs Of Water at the New Vintage. Traveling with what looked to be at least three instruments per player (which were not all of their instruments, I was told), they play a style of music they called post-traditional, whatever that is. Interesting, to be sure, especially if you are a musician yourself. I only caught a couple of tunes and had to leave due to a prior commitment, but they are definitely on the list to catch the next time through.

Here's a video for your listening pleasure.

As for this autumn, there are, as usual, a great many live music shows for your to choose from, so please do so, and support live music in Louisville, because without an audience, there'll be a whole lot less of it.

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