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Issue: July 2012
Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Ray Redman takes over this space for a review of the release show for Tim Krekel's last CD, Sings Up The Sun.

"Fourth Street connects downtown Louisville with the South End. Oak Street ties the East end to the Western part of the city. Here in the middle at what some people call Fourth and Fellini sits an unassuming little club/restaurant that for many years has been a destination for Louisville's music and theatre fans, the Rudyard Kipling. Tonight, Ken Pyle is hosting a posthumous CD release party for one of Louisville's favorite musical sons. It's hard to believe that it's been three years since Tim Krekel worked a deal out with the stars. His Air Devils caricature still looms over me every week at the ADI acoustic jam. In his passing, This shy guy left a legacy of songs and friends to carry his vibe forward.

Years ago, I stood in the alley next to Dutch's on Shelbyville Road and talked with Sam Bush and Tim. We talked of Tim's stint with Jimmy Buffett. Cheeseburger in Paradise. That's Tim. When The Coral Reefers performed in the 80's movie "FM," Buffett sang a verse and turning to his right, says "Take it Timmy!" Tim starts wailing into that old Gretsch guitar and after a sparse couple of rockin' notes, his solo is edited out. Yikes! Sam had a similar situation in the movie "Philadelphia."

As I drive around the neighborhood, I have a hard time finding a place to park. A rare space opens up as I turn north onto 5th street. My thoughts turned to the old Changes Unlimited/Kaleidoscope at the northern end of fifth at Zane Street. Music. Summer of Love. Tim was there as were many of the people I would see later at the Rud. I have other Krekkie sightings occasionally, but tonight I was prepared to see them all. I wasn't disappointed either. As I fought my way through the crowd to get to the back room, I saw Alan Rhody, Jason Krekel, Carter Wood, John Cage, Bill Hueglen, Amos Hopkins, Mayor Greg Fischer and many, many others. (My apologies to the many I left out) A virtual 'Who's who' of Louisville musicians. Fresh from Florence was a jet-lagged Mickey Clark. (No, not Florence Ya'll, but Florence, Italy.) He had gotten off of the plane just two hours earlier for this gig.

I have seen this room packed before, but never to the point where the restaurant, the entry and the patio were standing room only. Over the years,this collection of Tim's fans has become an extended family. This celebration is a kind of 'Krekstacy'. (I think this as I see a smiling John Timmons leaning against a weathered pillar.) Approaching the stage, I see John Mann, Eddy Hysinger, Jason Krekel, Steve Eilers and Phil Ragland. Anna, Katy, Jason and Debbie, (Krekels all) cuing up for the songs. The event was organized to give all of the Krek ensembles a chance to play two or three Krekel songs. They played on long after I left. I had a long drive home and had to leave early. After looking at these pictures taken by Clarissa Ragland, I realize that I left far too soon.

A lot of Tim's DNA was on that stage during the first set. Anna, Katy and Jason were belting out a chorus as was Tim's widow Debbie. His musical DNA was there, too. It was wonderful to hear Tim's tunes interpreted by his friends. Even Bobby Watson of 'Dance or Die' fame took up his sax and gave his reed a workout. Variously known as The Whole Wheat Horns or Deep Fried and Battered, Donn Adams and Mike Murphy of TKO were rock steady and up to their usual mischief.

The CD, Sings Up The Sun, is a compilation of tunes Tim was working on before he was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. The unfinished tracks were sweetened by various musicianw. I have yet to hear it, but I'm sure that the love comes through. That's what Tim was all about.

The last email that we Krekkies got from Tim via Al Moreschi said "Love one another," a phrase I heard Tim say many times. At the time, we thought he had dodged the big C. We prayed that God wouldn't take him from us. God had other plans. His memory will live on. This guy had many friends and was much loved. Sam Bush called Tim a Louisville treasure. Sit down and have a beer and listen to one of his many CDs. It's hard to keep from bubblin' over. Sings up the Sun is available through Timkrekel.bandcamp.com. or Tim Krekel.com. The DVD "Tim Krekel, Live at Hippy Jack's" is classic acoustic Krekel.

As I left the Rud, I could swear I heard someone say "Take it Timmy!"

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