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Issue: April 2012

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name:William Brian Omer


Instrument:Guitar; Vocals

Band; Former Bands:Stonecutters; My Own Victim; Son of Dog; Slapshot; Hookers; Brothers of Conquest; Crazy Train...

How Long On Instrument:27 years

Equipment:Gibson; Marshall

Influences:Tony Iommi; Randy Rhoads; Brent Hinds; Wino; Alex Skolnick; Chuck Schuldiner...local guys Dave Chandler; Dave Ernspiker; Ben Lacey; Mark Abromavage; Shane Isenberg; Chris Leffler; Andy Russ & Jeff Toy...

My First Gig:The Wrocklage, Lexington, Ky.

Hobbies: guitars; vinyl; weird art; horror movies; tattoos; working out; going to shows; writing for 'Dirt Merchant' fanzine; hangin out with my girly; Pauly's Schnitzelburg Pub...

Favorite Movies: Meatballs; Rivers Edge; Beyond the Mat; all Vincent Price; Lon Chaney flicks; Tod Brownings Freaks...

Favorite Food : Indian (Kashmir on Bardstown Rd)

Favorite Place:Recently started teaching guitar at Guitar Center Studios on Shelbyville Rd. and I love it ... the store rocks! And it is the first Guitar Center to offer lessons!

Bad Habits:Staying up all night playing guitar and listening to music.

What I'm Listening To Nowadays:The Hidden Hand; Hendrix; Disrupt; Ghoul; Neurosis; Iron Maiden; Alice Cooper; Overkill; the Accused...

Coolest Thing I've Done:Stonecutters have been kickin butt recently opening for Anthrax, Testament, Down, Black Label Society; Clutch, Gwar, Goatwhore. My Own Victim toured all over Europe three times, did some awesome touring with Hookers all over Canada and West Coast last year, playing bass for Son of Dog for their reunion show was a true honor, my 7 years at Ear X-tacy were amazing...

Most Embarrassing Moment:really don't get embarrassed, fell on stage a few times but always got back up and laughed it off...somebody recently posted my senior picture on bookface, that was embarrassing.

Who Do You Love:my girl Jessi and my brothers/sons David, Ben, Sam and John.

When; Where Did You First Get Some:you really want to know?? <(Eddy: Sure, why not. I'm sure a lot of your fans would like to know those saucy details! Everyone has an awkward first time. Makes for a great story."

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