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Issue: February 2011
Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

Oooh, January, you were a cold one! February, here’s your chance, especially with you having Valentine’s Day – that day when you express, with a little help from Cupid and his heart-warming arrows, good old-fashioned feelings toward that most special someone. You know – the card, candy heart (chocolate) and a handful of beautiful fresh flowers (roses). That just can’t help but make February warmer feeling, regardless of what the outdoor thermometer reads. Sort of gives fresh hope for a spring of springs, and that is a good thing.

Dr. Ralph Hospitalized

You may or may not have heard that Dr. Ralph Stanley was in the hospital the eighth of last month. He had a pacemaker installed on the ninth and was sent home the tenth. An appreciated call to/from James Alan Shelton during my show on the sixteenth provided a good update. James had talked to Ralph a couple of days before and Ralph was recuperating very well. James commented that Ralph is the toughest one on the bus. God bless you, my friend Ralph Stanley. Continue to improve. And huge best wishes for your 84th birthday on the 25th.

Cherryholmes Hitting the Road

Next up is another bit of news that I for one do not look forward to. Our very good bluegrass friends Cherryholmes are hitting the road – the road to home. They are quitting. Their last show will be May 7 at Houstonfest in Galax, Virginia. To quote from their newsletter, “You’ve seen our children grow into young adults. Though it is bittersweet, there comes a time in a family when seasons change. We’ve always known this season would come.” Check out their website, cherryholmes.musiccitynetworks.com, for the full note. Very well written, very well expressed. I can understand, but can’t deny, that they will be missed big time by many fans and friends. We will have the opportunity to see them Friday, the 18th of this month, at Paraquet Springs Conference Center, Shepherdsville. Cherryholmes, we will miss you. Somewhere, sometime down the line, could we maybe look forward to a Family Reunion Show Special?

The Cherryholmes. Photo by Sheila Nichols


OK, now for the lineup coming up

JAMS: Colesburg Baptist Church, Colesburg: Friday nights, 6:30.Hillview City Hall, Louisville. Thursday nights, 6 p.m. McQuady Fire Dept., McQuady, Ky., plus their “Jan. Show,” Saturday, the 22nd. Vine Grove, Vine Grove City Hall, Friday nights, 6/6:30 p.m. Bluegrass Anonymous (BA) Thursday, 7 p.m.., Holiday Inn, 1325 Hurstborne Parkway.

SHOWS: Shepherdsville Country Music Barn, Rte. 44 W: February 4, Ralph Stanley II. February 11, Phillip Steinmetz and The Sunny Tennesseans. February18, The High Rollers. February25, Michael Cleveland. March4, Blue River Band. February 18/19,Saltlick Bluegrass Festival (2nd Annual): Friday,Cherryholmes, Driving Rain.Friday & Saturday,Tommy Brown. Friday & Saturday, Kings Highway. Saturday,19,Larry Sparks, Crossroads, Blue River and Higher Vision.

Looking to spring, a Valentine’s Day to remember, and happy bluegrassing.

Well, it’s time to hit the send button. RememberSunday Bluegrass, Sundays, 8-11p.m., WFPK 91.9 FM.

I’d go get a doughnut, but today ain’t Sunday.

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