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Issue: May 2010

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Anthony Slack

Name: Anthony Slack

Age: 26

Instrument: Bass and Guitar -- I played tuba at YPAS for a year, too, before I got the boot.

Band/Former Bands: Currently in Poetry of the Dead and Sixteen Bones. I started out playing bass in One With Misery.

How long on instrument: I started playing bass at age 12-13, so about thirteen years on that. I've been on guitar for at least five years, so my time is divided :)

Equipment: For my guitar, I have an ESP/LTD 7 string and one of the highlighter green Deans running through a Mesa Triple Rec with Mesa cabs. My bass equipment is nil, since I've been playing primarily guitar for years, but I have an Aria Pro Bass.

Influences: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Tool, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Stabbing Westward, Pimp C (UGK)

My first gig: Was at Shockers off the Outer Loop. We TP'd the hell out of that place.

Hobbies:  World of Warcraft !! I even have a Horde shirt.

Favorite movies: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Beetlejuice

Favorite food: Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki at Subway

Favorite place: Tough call between stage and studio, but I'd have to swing with the studio.

Bad habits: Never getting enough sleep and then complaining all about it all the time.

What I'm listening to nowadays: Coheed and Cambria

Coolest thing I've done: True story - I jumped out of a moving car when I was s**tfaced and got my foot crushed. While in the hospital, I hobbled to the bathroom and was snorting lines of cocaine off a history book while on a morphine drip. I've been clean and sober for almost three years now though. JUST SAY NO!

Most embarrassing moment: Getting inebriated at Headliners and making a total ass of myself. I almost got kicked out of the show before I even played. At the time, it wasn't embarrassing, but that was probably the rotgut vodka doing what it does.

Who do you love: All the special ladies in my life, ages 9 to 64. They know who they are.

When/where did you first get some: When I was 13 and in my grandma's basement. Definitely a ho moment. P.S. If somehow you are out there reading this, sorry about the V-Card.

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