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Issue: October 2009

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Mike Burch, Institution

Name: Mike " MikeFrom " Burch

Age: 28

Instrument: VOX

Band/Former Bands: INSTITUTION

How long on instrument: 15 years

Equipment: SM58 Wireless/Vocal 300 Preamp

Influences: Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Rap, Hard Rock, Linkin Park, Karnivool, Rehab, Eminem, Locals.

My first gig: Bearno's Pizza on Dixie Hwy, in 1999. Birthday party, and we didn't even know what we were getting into.

Hobbies: Watching Sports, Supporting Local Music, Producing Video Projects, Online Games, Doing things with my Family, Recording in the Studio, Buying Wet Mangos and Burning Trees.

Favorite movies: Man on Fire. If I want a good laugh, anything Judd Aptow. Transformers 1 and 2/

Favorite food: Bonnie and Clyde's family size pepperoni Pizza and a pitcher of Coke

Favorite place home, with my family and friends. Venue: PHT.

Bad habits: getting too bent out of shape if a situation/show is not perfect, wasting too much money, building something up in my head thats' not really a big deal.

What I'm listening to nowadays: Karnivool, Linkin Park, Kings of Leon, Red, AP, 10 Years, Locals

Coolest thing I've done: My son, Josh. Gavin is my stepson, but this is the my first, so its definitely an eye-opening event. For my band, I would have to say the coolest thing we've done the past few shows is OWN the crowd.

Most embarrassing moment: First time was at Floyd St Festival, and setting up on stage, I was PUMPED up. Right before we started the set, someone pulled the monitors apart, creating a trip wire. First song, here I go, THWAP right on the concrete! I continued through it, blood and all. Second was inside of Oscar Brown's, I climbed up on a speaker and tried to jump, The speaker gave and I crashed about 7 feet to the stage. That hurt my ankle and my scrotum.

Who do you love: I love my two sons, Gavin and Josh, I love my band, and crew, and my father, Bob, and the love of my life, my fiancee, Lela Minton.

When/where did you first get some: In 1997 at my dad's house, I can't even remember the details, but remember it felt good, and I wanted more.

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