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Issue: May 2008

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Steven O'Reilly

Name - Steven O'Reilly

Age - 33

Instrument - Drums

Band/Former Bands - Heaven Hill / Exit Left / S-Tribe

How long on instrument - About 18 years

Equipment - Which kit? I have 3 of them with about 17 Paiste cymbals, Pro-Mark sticks, Evans drumheads, DW 9000 pedals

Influences - Tommy Lee, Mike Portnoy any music that moves me and the people who want to see me fail. To them, here's a big F@#$ You!

My first gig - Something Mystic in Columbia, SC. I was 19 and one of my cymbals fell forward and hit my singer in the back. He retaliated with a beer bottle but he missed.

Hobbies - Drums, coffee, drums, sex, drums, boob spotting and coffee.

Favorite movies - Goodfellas, Casino, Gangs of New York, American Gangster, What About Bob.

Favorite food - Coffee, coffee with cream, coffee with cream and sugar, coffee with a Marlboro Light, coffee with...

Favorite place - NEW YORK CITY!!

Bad habits - I'm perfect, dammit!!

What I'm listening to nowadays - Dream Theater, Sevendust, Crash Test Dummies, older Jazz and anything else not on the radio.

Coolest thing I've done - Stabbed my hi-hat rod through the back of my left hand and then finished the set a la Rick Allen in front of 7,000 people.

Most embarrassing moment - Falling off a drum riser at an outdoor festival in Charlotte, NC in the middle of a song with about 5,000 people laughing their asses off.

Who do you love - My mistress Music and myself.

When/where did you first get some - I was 14, in the exit way of a mall and her boobs looked like oranges in a sock. Ahhh, the good ole' days...

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