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Issue: January 2008

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Name: Rachel Kleinhenz ...yea, I can't pronounce it either...

Age: 22

Instrument: Drummer

Band/Former Bands: For the past 3 years I've been playing with Eddy's favorite band in the world! I mean Inner Blue... Before I became so lucky, I jammed with Vendetta, Sadistik, Lust for Hate and Krosmember.

Rachel Kleinhenz

How long on instrument: Well I've been playing percussion for almost 17 years all together, but if you go by the kit it's been about 8 yrs. Either way I've been playing my whole life.

Equipment: Kit - Sonor Cymbals - Mostly Paiste, but I have some Sabian. Heads - Attack and Remo Sticks - I love Silverfox JR's when I can get my hands on them! But when I can't get those I use the Vater Smitty Power Fusion or the O so classy "Showcase Brand" SS's

Influences: Morgan Rose, Steve Judd

My first gig: I think it was with Vendetta, at the Pandemonium, with MSD

Hobbies: watching movies with my baby, walking my ponies, playing with little Stevie Wonder, painting my nails...yea its girly, get over it...and Disco dancing competitions

Favorite movies: Dances with Wolves, Taking Lives, Mean Girls

Favorite food: Broccoli Casserole, Queso, Turkey Burgers

Favorite place: My bed

Bad habits: Vodka

What I'm listening to nowadays: Karnivool!!! Coheed and Cambria, Paramore, Minus Driver and Vanessa Carlton

Coolest thing I've done: Everything I've done is cool DUH!

Most embarrassing moment: Ya know when you laugh so hard, ya fart? Yea... that's all I can tell you.

Who do you love: The Ivan Arnold!

. When/where did you first get some: Wouldn't you like to know.

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