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Issue:September 2016 Year: 2016
Eddy Metal

News From the Pit
By Eddy Metal

Oh lordy, what a summer. Concerts, playing out my music, drama (I caught thieves on my cameras stealing from my neighbor and it helped bust a huge network of thieves that stole construction equipment), a ladder fell on my head (good thing my hair that was coiled up in a hat and literally saved me from the blow), work, writing, practicing, the return of Rock For Kosair, out of town shows (a chick in Bowling Green cornered me like a panther stalking prey!), and planning for my epic vacation that is coming up this month! Seems like I've been planning this trip forever, and it's now finally almost here. I need it,, too, I'm telling ya! The thought of soothing hot springs in the mountains has me all excited. Colorado / Utah, here I come!

Another thing I'm looking forward to on my Colorado / Utah trip is getting to see Red Rocks Amphitheater in person finally. It is supposed to be one of the best venues in the U. S, and I have wanted to go there ever since I saw the U2 video for "Sunday Bloody Sunday" many many years ago. I have a friendly hookup there at Red Rocks who is going to take me on a personally guided tour of the legendary venue! Talk about super cool people. The person I'm refering to is from this region, so that was pretty cool! Thank you to the staff there at Red Rocks for accommodating a Kentucky boy such as myself. I'm looking forward to seeing live music there. There will be pics coming soon!

Otherwise, it has been a low-key summer for me. The highlights for me were Guns N' Roses in Cincinnati, Carcass and Ghost at the Mercury, and opening up for Ratt and Geoff Tate of Queensryche at some very nice venues. Not, too, bad for a local rocker! The Eddy-haters must be hating life. This is a trip — one of my haters actually complimented my playing after our Mercury Ballroom performance, so that was pretty cool. Sometimes I'm a forgiving person, so it was a welcome gesture.

And, of course, Louder Than Life is going to be awesome for sure! Slayer and Cheap Trick! The best of both worlds for me and I am stoked to cover this great event once again. I just hope my poor legs and back can handle all that walking again! But I'm at least 40+ lbs lighter now, and my foot issue is all but gone, so that should help immensely. I was able to do an interview with the festival's producer Gary Spivack, so I asked some of my readers some questions to ask, and they responded! I hope you like what we came up with.

Thanks for a great summer my friends and Louisville rock family.

See you peeps at LTL!!!

The Metal Grapevine

Louder Than Life – One Month To Go!

Time flies. And LTL is almost upon us. Be ready to party your ass off. Because this is gonna be another sick ass show! Louisville has embraced LTL like no other concert in Louisville history. It is freaking history! Collossal. Epic. Oh yeah, the food is pretty darn good, too,! This concert is on everyone's lips: "Are you going to LTL?" ; "Did you get your tickets yet?" ; "Are you going both days?" I'll be a music-covering fool on those two days, so I will be busier than a five-dollar hooker on a Friday night! This year Eddy will be prepared and ready to walk 20 miles!

Hell, I already, took off work that Monday to recover!

LINEUPS ARE — Saturday, October, 1 is Avenged Sevenfold, Slayer, The Cult, The Pretty Reckless, Pierce The Veil, Cheap Trick, Anthrax, Hellyeah, Chevy Metal, Motionless In White, The Amity Affliction, Avatar, Sick Puppies, Neck Deep, Young Guns, Being as An Ocean, 68, Twelve Foot Ninja and Dinosaur Pile Up.

Sunday, October, 2 is Slipknot, Disturbed, Korn, Ghost, Alter Bridge, Clutch, Sevendust, Pop Evil, Biffy Clyro, Parkway Drive, Skillet, Trivium, Zakk Sabbath, Kyng Skindred, Adelitas Way, Crobot, Sabaton and Smashing Satellites. Get your tickets now, this is gonna be awesome! If you see me there, don't be shy, say hello!

Interview With Louder Than Life's Gary Spivack, Executive Vp For Danny Wimmer Presents (producers Of Louder Than Life).

What better way to get to know more about LTL than to chat with one of the people who run it, and that is exactly what what we have here. Some of these questions are from me, and some are from people in our music scene. Enjoy!

1. Who had the idea for LTL? And why did they pick Louisville?

Danny Wimmer fell in love with Louisville from a visit he had there that wasn't really about putting on a rock festival. We were there to start our own bourbon. When he came back from his visit, he was inspired by the city, its people, food and everything else it had to offer. It was a no-brainer to launch Louder Than Life in Louisville. LTL has its own unique flavor, style and vibe to it, and you can only do this type of event in bourbon country.

2. Are there any big changes in this year/'s event? Hopefully parking is better:

We are always raising the bar internally, …always looking to expand, improve and maximize the talent, the beverage and food and, of course, the parking, camping and overall concert-going experience for the LTL fan. We want people to return to LTL year after year and we want them to tell their friends, family and neighbors (who missed it) to go with them the next year.

3. What is the biggest obstacle you have encountered in making LTL happen?

Not really obstacles, because the city, Champions Park, the people of Louisville and its representatives have been outstanding to work with. If there are any obstacles, it's just the massive competition from music festivals around America. We have to make sure LTL stands apart from the pack, and we feel we'’ve done that this year with a lineup that makes it the ONLY festival in all of North America that has BOTH hard rock titans Slipknot and Avenged Sevenfold on the same bill!

4. Are you going to produce any live DVDs of the event? That would be cool to own.

We are working on that. But our priority is to make sure that the fans in attendance get an experience they can't get anywhere else!

5. Is there ever a possibility that there will be a locals stage at LTL? A lot of people I know have been talking/complaining about it and hoping it will happen someday. We have a lot of great bands in KY:

Yes, in fact, last year we had Kentucky /'s own Black Stone Cherry and the Kentucky Headhunters perform and have had bands such as Flaw play. Always looking for some great local and regional talent to join us at our festivals.

6. What would you like to say to the whiney neighborhood folk who made their complaints of the loud music well-known (even though any other festival down at the river is considered perfectly ok) ? Sounds like uptight snobby people picking on us rockers to me:

We respect the neighbors of Champions Park and their desire to keep the area safe, clean and friendly throughout the entire week leading up to LTL, and, of course, during the weekend at LTL. And yes, LTL is a rock festival, and a damn good one, so we will continue to work with everyone around the area to ensure that everyone in the community is happy we are there.

7. How do you determine what bands play? And will there ever be something where the fans can request bands?

We look under every rock and turn over every stone to find the right bands and the right curation. From Slipknot to Cheap Trick to Pierce The Veil, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold and all the way down to bands such as Crobot and Dinosaur Pile-Up, we care about EVERY band and every slot. It's a 365 day siege on curating and putting together LTL.

8. Did you think LTL would be as successful as it has been?

We felt that Bourbon World, our Gourmet Man Food Village and all the unique secondary entertainment would set LTL apart from other festivals in the U. S. With America having gone so festival crazy over the last decade, we want to make sure that LTL is unique and different from the rest and that LTL has its own vibe and style. AND IT DOES! But again, we don't rest. We want to continue to raise our internal bar with everything at LTL.

Thanks for taking the time to do this interview, and for bringing this event to my hometown. I have been in this music scene forever, as a musician/music columnist/radio dj, and believe me — we truly needed this like no other city. It got very old watching other cities have big concerts while we were always left behind. So thank you, friend!

Flaw's New Album Is Out Now!!

Well, the new Flaw album Divided We Fall is in stores and the band is about to depart on a serious tour. I attended the CD Release bash at Diamond Pub on August 19 to show my support, and there were some issues that came up during their set that forced the band to cut the set early. I was having a blast and enjoying myself when all of a sudden the show was over! Rumors were flying, you know how it is, this and that and the other thing, so I wasn't sure of what was going on for real. All I know is that there were technical problems on a few fronts and well as high emotion, too much emotion perhaps. That and technical issues had the band upset. It happens! I know about that all, too much, seeing that recently in Nashville, my amp blew a fuse in mid-song, stressing me out bigtime. But luckily, I had brought extras! You soldier on, and do the best you can! It's all you can do. You live and you learn. What's important is that you get back on track A. S. A. P. and kick some ass. And I'm sure those guys will do well on their massive tour that they will be leaving for in a few short weeks. Heading out to the West Coast. What I wouldn't give to play some shows out west. Good luck to Flaw, and congrats on your new album and the initial success it has already seen. The Billboards don't lie!

Dream Theater "The Astonishing" At Louisville Palace On Tuesday, October 25:

Wow. Big news! This is one of Terry Harper's biggest shows since Sounds From The Underground. This should be an amazing show! I've never seen them live! I want to cover them. Oh yeah!! Count me in. here is some of their new stuff!

Hatebreed/Devildriver Coming To Mercury Ballroom:

Tuesday, October 18. Here is a brutal metal show that should be very good. I like Hatebreed and Devildriver. This is one not to miss!!! ATTN: Better get your tickets now cuz this will sell out!

Muddle Of Pudd No Show In Louisville!

So Puddle Of Mudd didn't show up for their Louisville show at Diamond Pub, and they had a legion of pissed-off / fed-up fans that had had enough. Online chatter was outta control. I almost went to this show, but I was so tired I didn't go. I'm glad I didn't. I would have been pissed if I had. Singer Wes Scantlin seems to stay in drama, whether it's bomb squads, police or simply not showing up to booked gigs. Radaronline confirmed Wes was getting hammered on a plane earlier that day, so I guess he didn't feel like playing. Uncool. But somehow people keep buying tickets to their shows, so go figure! At one point in the night, I heard that POM would be there to play at 1 a. m. But then I heard that never happened. Good thing the band Untold Rellik played and rocked the crowd. The cover band Lame also played an extended set to make up for the no-show, even though they didn't have vocals for much of it, but at least they tried to fill in for the missing headliner. Someone had to! Props for the local bands for still playing and making due with what you got! I remember New Years Eve two years ago, when we were opening for Saving Able and they No Showed, and we had to play longer to compensate! Trust me - It's not an easy task to make mad MF'ers happy with a local band, when they are expecting headliners! So props to all those guys. And to POM – when getting buzzed is more important than your fans or band, it's time to hang it up, Wes. Someone just told me they expect Wes to be added to the Layne Staley Overdose List soon. Let's hope that dude wises up, A. S. A. P. .

Ratt Review:

Wow, what a great night. I had so much fun this night, it's ridiculous. My band Year Of The Gun got to open for this show and we did well, the crowd dug us and we got some sweet video footage, so I was happy. Plus I always liked Ratt, and they ended up being cool dudes, so that was icing on top of the cake.

Ratt treated us well. I know what you are thinking, "it was only one original member, so it wasn't really Ratt!" It's true, there was only one original member, but Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer picked his new band members wisely, because those dudes put on a great show, regardless.

Ratt's new singer Josh Alan is a beast on vocals and kills Stephen Pearcy any day of the week, and yes, I have seen both live. I saw Pearcy is his heyday. Alan is better. He sings his ass off, and he really is one cool guy. He came up to me backstage after our set and said "Hey man, I caught your whole set, and you guys have some great songs! Good job. " I thought that was soooo cool. He even gave us plugs during their set. No rockstar dickhead attitude at all from that guy. True, there was no Warren Demartini or Carlos Cavazo riffing away, but the guitarists that played that night rocked pretty darn good. I would give you their names, but Bobby has redone the lineup again since the show, so I'm not exactly sure who is on guitar right now. Bobby must be difficult to work with. I know one of the guitarists was Doc Ellis. The bassist was LA music veteran Robbie Crane. The band weaved its way through a set of killer Ratt classics that had the packed / sold-out crowd wanting more. The crowd was an Eighties, easy-going, partying, fun-loving crowd of cool MF'ers! Music lovers! And they were loud and responsive! They loved it, one original member and all. And Ratt was all too happy to play for such an enthusiastic gathering. The band played " Back For More," "Loving You Is A Dirty Job," " Dance" ," Lay It Down" ," You're In Love," " Way Cool Jr. ," I Want A Woman," " Nobody Rides For Free," " Body Talk" "Lack Of Communication" and an encore of "Wanted Man," "Slip Of The Lip" and, of course, their biggest hit ever. "Round And Round. " Bobby gleefully talked to the crowd throughout the night, regaling us patrons with stories of his life and life on the road with Ratt. It was neat, but Bobby talked a bit much. He had a lot to say! One dude in the audience yelled "STFU and drum, Bobby!" Ahhh, Kentucky rednecks in action! The music spoke, too, though! And the message conveyed by both this night was that rock is not dead. Eighties rock will never die. The style, the fun, the music, the hair, the attitude. And to us? Never count out Bobby Blotzer. The solos by the guitarists were smokin' and pretty accurate from what I could tell. No noticeable slop. Both guitarists could shred. Robbie Crane seemed to be on point, but watching him be late for sound check and replacing strings while everyone in Ratt waited, didn't look, too, good professionally. Maybe that pissed off Bobby enough to fire him. He has since been replaced. And again, Josh killed it on vocals. His high notes were fantastic. Pearcy could never hit notes that high. He is versatile, and can pretty much sing anyway, from raspy Ratt vocals to clean Zeppelin-esque vocals.

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom Ratt at the Mercury Ballroom

Bobby's drum solo was cool, as well. He can play, there's no doubt about that. Even though the much younger members jokingly refer to Bobby as a "dinosaur" or "ancient. " It's all in fun though, or they would get booted out of the band! Oh wait, they did.

Many of you did not go to this show because of the one original member thingy. I understand. But you have truly robbed yourself of a great time. The new Ratt is good. Very good. And that is coming from a guy who saw the real Ratt only seven years ago in Nashville, and once in 1987! Give these newer version bands a chance, sometimes it works!

Minneapolis' Downtread is a pretty good unsigned band that was on tour supporting Ratt for a few days. Cool guys. Good band! Check them out! And here is a video of Ratt live in Louisville! Enjoy.

Stryper Coming To Mercury Ballroom On Sunday, November 6:

Christian rockers Stryper will be in Louisville for the first show in I don't know how long! I liked these guys a lot growing up and they are still kicking ass! I will definitely try to be at this one! Those guys are brilliant musicians.

Kevfest At Diamond Pub On September 18:

Popular Louisville guitarist extraordinaire Kevin McCreery has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is undergoing treatment. And you know [that] we musicians don't have insurance, so the gracious powers that be have organized a benefit to help out Kev with the hospital bills. Very cool, Kevfest! This sweet benefit will be on September 18 at Diamond Pub and will feature such bands as Radiotronic, What Ever Will, Big Rock Show, Kimmett and Doug, Full Contact Karaoke, Doppelganger, Soul Circus, Olivia Henken, Andi Ramser, Peter Searcy, Holly and Josh, Devereaux, The Good Chiggens, Jack Brizendine, Me and You. Kevin has always been a super cool guy! And he is unreal on guitar. Please come support this awesome event.

Rock For Kosair 11- Saturday, November 19 At Diamond Pub:

Help us help poor children have a good Christmas. On Saturday, November 19th you will have a chance to do just that! The Rock For Kosair benefit lives! RFK11 will be at Diamond Pub on Baxter Avenue. We'll have guitar giveaways as usual, and so far, I have Crazy Train, Grindstone, Year Of The Gun, Signal The Revolution, Despite The Fallen, Doppelganger, Pet Rock, Jack Brizendine, AcoustaKink, Scott Clark and others T. B. A.

Don't forget, this is our first time (but our 11th [almost] annual) having RFK since Phoenix Hill Tavern closed. This will be the first year kids will not have our help if we don't do well for Kosair with RFK11. So let's show them that we won't let the loss of PHT spoil us rockers helping the kids! Pass on the word. Share.

Thank you.

The Black Dahlia Murder / The Return Of Incursion / Sadistic Creator:

Wednesday, November 23 at The New Vintage! This should be a pretty sick show, and equally brutal. I know the Incursion guys have been working towards jamming regularly again, and apparently that time has come. They haven't played out for a few, so I know they will be itching to let loose. Get your tickets in advance, this will probably sell out.

Black Sabbath Coming To Indy:

September 2 at the Klipsch Music Center! I saw them in 2013 and omg, it was killer. That was the first concert I paid to get in, in like 20 years! I usually get in free being with the media and all, but that was one time I didn't mind paying, because it was great. Ozzy sounded awesome, despite rumors of him sucking live these days. It was a lie. Ozzy killed! The whole band killed. What a show. Seeing Tony Iommi play his guitar solos and Geezer Butler play "N. I. B" sent goosebumps all up my spine! Supposedly this the end for Black Sabbath, so trust me on this, do not miss this show!

Between The Buried and Me / Devin Townsend Coming To The Mercury On September 25:

This will be an amazing show! BTBAM shreds! And I freakin' love Canadian rocker Devin Townsend. This guy is uber talented. An amazing guitarist and singer. And he is one funny guy, too, and could probably make a living as a comedian if he really wanted to. So you get his awesome skills with the guitar, his unreal vocals which range from evil screams to beautiful clean singing with awesome range, and his very funny and loveable personality! Not to mention the awesome backing band that he always has with him. This is a show not to miss. I know many of you don't know who the hell he is, but trust me, go to this. You shall be blown away!

Here is some footage of Devin fuckin' around at NAMM2016.

Nothing More Coming To Mercury Ballroom:

On Tuesday, September 20 these guys will be in town. Check them out! They sounded great at Louder Than Life.

Iggor and Max Cavalera Reunite For The "Return To Roots" Tour!

Tour stops in Kentucky on September 16 at Diamond Pub Concert Hall, w/ special guests Norway's Combichrist:

OMG. This should be an unreal show. Sepultura's Max and Iggor back together? Pure magic I'm sure! Metal magic! It's about time they settled their differences and jam once again. Awesome!! They will be playing the Roots album in its entirety! And I also hear great stuff about Norway's Combichrist. Here, check out some Combichrist yourself. You decide! You might want to get your tickets now, because this will sell out!!

Five Finger Death Punch, Shinedown and Sixx A. M To Play KFC Yum! Center On Friday, November 18:

This sounds like a fun show! And you even get some Nikki Sixx thrown in for good measure! I recently saw FFDP bassist and former Kentucky native Chris Kael at The Mercury Ballroom, just checking out some music. He was signing autographs and talking to folks. I remember when that dude was playing in local bands around here. I would like to see Sixx A. M, I haven't seen them before. My RFK show is the next night so I might go to this and pass out flyers n' stuff, if the YUM center lets me. I will ask them first. Once at Freedom Hall, I almost went to jail for handing out flyers for a show! The security chief was an asshole back then!

Despite The Fallen's New Song:

This southern Kentucky band is awesome. Great music, great guys. I miss Matt Davis though. He was one cool MF. These guys are pros and I respect them bigtime. No egos, no drama, just good music / good people. I'll be honest, I was bummed when the vocalist Trevor quit the band because I loved his voice, but the new singer Cody Gabehart has since won me over. That guy is also badass. He sings well, and he also invested in a sweet-ass vocal effects processor that really brings out his voice, big-time. I loved the way he switched through various vocal sounds from song to song. The band is sounding much better these days and staying active and putting in the work. Respect, guys! So props to those guys on their attitudes, professionalism, and for never giving up in the face of horrible tragedy and difficult obstacles. I saw them play a few times recently and they are on their game! Here is that new single!

Unofficial Pre-LTL Bash At Kingfish:

On the eve of Louder than Life come down to Kingfish on zorn for some rockin' live music! We will be kicking off LTL weekend in high fashion!. I'll be playing so come see me be cheesy! Bands performing are- Year Of The Gun, Lethean, Guerilla Red, Luie Brangers, Native Son. 7 P. M to12 A. M.

Come get your Pre-LTL drink / grub on!!

Musician Of The Month:

This month features longtime drummer Dallas Tyler of Louisville Alternative / Rock band Some Kind Of Saint.

Death Angel Coming To Trixie's On September 8:

Bay area thrashers Death Angel will be here for one night only, so get those tickets! Louisville's VAMT will be opening so be there early.

Caldera Reforms:

Louisville metal act Caldera has reformed and will be ready for some shows sometime soon. Supposedly, they have a new style, more groove-oriented than deathcore. More news as I receive it.

Wicked Journey Tribute Coming To Mercury Ballroom On Friday September 16:

The band is called Departure and they are from Atlanta. They are supposed to be pretty damn good! I wouldn't mind seeing this show to see if dude can hang, singing Steve Perry's vocals. Not an easy task by any means. Check out the video I've provided. He seems to be a helluva singer. Is the guitarist as good as Neal Schon? We'll see! Go check out Departure at the Merc. I might be there.

Blizzard Of Ozzy (Tribute) Coming To Mercury Ballroom On Friday September 23:

Check out this Ozzy/Sabbath tribute at the Merc!! I wonder if the guitarist can hang with Randy's solos? If he can, he is a bad MF.

Coheed and Cambria Coming To The Merc On October 7:

Your feet will still probably be hurting from Louder Than Life, but suck it up buttercup, and git yo asses out to some more shows! Here's one for you hip, new age rockers. This odd band is not exactly my cup o' tea, but I respect what they have done. It will probably sell out too, so get those tickets A. S. A. P. if you wanna go for sure! The Mercury Ballroom's shows are usually packed, so don't wait and end up bummed like the poor fools I've seen outside the club begging for tickets the night of show. You don't wanna be that person!

Devil And The Darkness To Release EP "Rise Of Ophidian" On September 5 At Highlands Taproom:

Get out and support your local brutal metal!

Mark Spencer CD Review:

I'm sitting here on my desktop, yes a desktop (F*ck a cellphone, I'm sick of that shit), listening to a demo by South Of Never guitarist Mark Spencer. This Springfield, Kentucky dude shreds. Wow. There is a definite Eighties vibe to Mark's playing style as he soars from song to song. I love Eighties guitar, so I'm down, and Mark wisely probably knew that. Ha. "Celestial Groove" is the opening salvo of guitar riffs thrown my way by Mark. It has a Steve Vai feel early. The drums are a bit low in the mix. The solos are flying and I'm having flashbacks of partying and making out in my 77 Camaro Rally sport! Good time, fun music. Mark's playing is badass. Very melodic. He kills me on guitar. I'm a glorified rhythm guitarist, but this guy Mark, is a real lead guitarist. Just the guy you want riffing awesome leads for you! "Conquered and Broken" is wicked! It has over 12,132 views on Youtube and shows Mark playing it live! Cool. It is a display of some mighty tap techniques. High emotion, feeling and skill are required to play this song. It reminds me a little of Eric Johnson. Fingers of fire for real. Sweep techniques, too, Mark's tone is pretty good, too, even though I'm not normally a Mesa Boogie amp guy. Mark makes them sound good.

"Thinking Of You" is an acoustic ballad with some Spanish guitar riffs added for good measure. This one I'm not digging so much. I think maybe it's the tone of the acoustic, but it's not meshing well to me. I do like the exotic Spanish type riffs he employed. It's hard to get a good acoustic sound on a recording, I've noticed. Very hard!

The overall sound quality sounds good, but the drums need to be up a bit, but other than that, it's some rockin' party, energy rock with some fast moving, shredding, emotional solos that any rock fan could get into. Unless you hate Eighties rock and are an idiot.

Good job Mark. I like "Conquered and Broken" the best. Here it is people!

Manic Methed CD Review:

This young, three-piece rock band jams. I have always liked vocalist/guitarist Austin Talbert's voice. He has good melody. The song "Come On" comes on hard n' heavy with an anthemic chant. The vocals are cool and creative. Memorable. There is a commercial appeal to this music. The guitars are metal / rock and jam pretty good, but there aren't too many guitar solos so far. "Hideaway" has an upbeat rocker of a riff, almost punkish sounding. Kinda reminds me of Green Day a little, to be honest. I like it. It does metal up a little towards the middle of the song, almost Metallicca-ish.

"Breaking Point" starts off with a pretty vocal melody with muffled vocal effect. I like this one best of the three. It has a very cool chorus, and the verses are catchy, too. I think it needs some melodic solos, though. Maybe add a lead guitarist to shred over those rhythms. The rhythms are great, but added lead melody would really enhance the overall sound. But I know how tough it is to find reliable rocker bandmates these days.

The music of Manic Methed is no-frills rock with some metal / punk / alternative thrown in for good measure. It's decent stuff. The guitars tend to change up, but always remain upbeat and rockin'. The background vocals sound good. Good songwriting. The quality of the recording is decent, but the drums seem a bit weak. Turn that shit up! Drums are the backbone of any band. Overall, a decent account of Louisville unsigned music.

Daisy Dukes (Nashville) Review:

Well, I had my first show in Nashville at a cool little underground club called Daisy Dukes. Band tee shirts covered the walls and there was a definite Bardstown road Tewligans / Taproom / Cahoots type vibe at this joint. The people that worked there were cool as hell, every one of them. Unfortunately, all bands were from out of town so there wasn't much of a crowd when we played. The sound system was decent and the sound-guy knowledgeable. The booze prices were good! We met some cool people and bands. This is a metal bar, a no-frills, rock n' roll joint! You won't see karaoke in this mofo. I would love to go back when on a bill with some popular Nashville bands!

Chevelle Coming To The Mercury On September 13:

Now this is a bigtime chick show! If you dudes want to attend a show that there will be tons of hot chicks at, this would be the one. On Tuesday, September 13 Chevelle rolls into town at the Mercury Ballroom. Get those tickets because this will probably sell out! I saw them at Louder Than Life and they were very good, even though it's not my favorite style of music. Here is some recent footage of them rocking out.

Rahul Borkar Back In Action, New EP Coming This September:

Louisville rock guitarist / vocalist Rahul Borkar (formerly with Breckinridge and Nova Red) is back with a new EP that should be out this month. I'll do a review when it comes out. In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of his track "My Home."

New Band Alert, A Forgotten Fury:

A Forgotten Fury consists of Dave Wathen on drums, Doug Ferguson on guitar/vocals, Louis Southern on guitar, Matt Keith on guitar, Joey Brown on bass and Jesse Evans on the screams. The new stuff is described as brutal in a Lamb Of God / Killswitch sort of way, or like a more evolved version of their teenage band Mindstorm. These Louisville music veterans look to be playing out relatively soon! More info as I receive it.

The Rise Up Chelsea Tbi Benefit:

Twenty-three-year-old Chelsea Hogue is an outgoing, smart and beautiful girl who one day hopes to finish college at U of L and become a nurse. With family and friends standing behind her, there is no doubt that she will fulfill her dreams, and crush the obstacles that threatened her one evening in early February. Chelsea was hit by a drunk driver, the impact shattered more than glass, it shook her and those around her to the core.

The life as she knew it was turned upside down as she arrived at the hospital in a coma. Her team of doctors later diagnosed with her with a severe traumatic brain injury. Her determination and will to live continues to astound those around her. After weeks of living in a coma and several more in a rehabilitation center, Chelsea continues to thrive and is now living at home where she continues her therapy. The intoxicated driver who struck her car, was not insured and is now on the run, leaving Chelsea and her family with the duty of not only picking up the pieces of this frightful time, but being faced with lots of ongoing expenses.

Please join us in supporting this brave young lady at the Rise Up Chelsea TBI Benefit. There will be live music from Todd Howlett (country), Haywood and Davis from the Billy Davis Group (variety) and Soundtrip. (rock) and will be emceed by Chang Woo Brewer. Red's Comfort Foods food truck will be on site. A silent auction, raffles and activities for the children will also be available to those who are interested.

Adult Admission is $10.00, ages 13-17 are $5.00 and 12 and under is free.

We are allowing B. Y. O. B but ask that you please drink responsibly in honor of not only the pain that Chelsea's endured but also for those effected by drunk driving. To protect the lives of others, flyers will be posted with information to contact Yellow Cab and Uber in the lobby

Please come out and join us to help Chelsea continue to RISE UP!!!!!
All proceeds will benefit Chelsea.

LMN Live - I Have A Knife:

LMN Live - Dahmer's Closet:

LMN Live - Heart Of Kings:

LMN Live - Year Of The Gun:

LMN Live - Doppelganger:

Upcoming Shows

Diamond Pub

Saturday, November 19 Rock for Kosair 11. Crazy Train, Grindstone, Year Of The Gun, Signal The Revolution, Despite The Fallen, Doppelganger, Pet Rock, Jack Brizendine, AcoustaKink, Scott Clark and others T. B. A. 6 P. M.

Highlands Taproom

Monday, September 5 — Devil And The Darkness.

Monday, September 26 Stout (debut)


Friday, September 30 — Unofficial Pre-Louder Than Life Bash featuring Lethean, Year Of The Gun, Guerilla Red, Luie Brangers, Native Son and more. 6 P. M. It's bike night, so bring that hog!!

The Mercury Ballroom

Tuesday, September 13 — Chevelle.

Friday, September 16 — Departure – The Tribute to Journey.

Tuesday, September 20 — Nothing More.

Friday, September 23 — Blizzard Of Ozzy (Ozzy Tribute)

Sunday, September 25 — Devin Townsend and Between The Buried And Me.

Thursday, October 6 — Coheed and Cambria.

Saturday, October 8 — Hairbangers Ball.

Tuesday, October 18 — Hatebreed and Devildriver.

Sunday, November 6 — Stryper.

The New Vintage

Friday, September 9 — Deceased, Savage Master, Fatal Step and Astrum. 8 P. M.

Monday, September 12 — Lurker In The Threshold. 9 P. M.

Tuesday, October 25 — Satan, Cauldron and Savage Master. 8 P. M.

Wednesday, November 23 — The Black Dahlia Murder w/ Incursion and Sadistic Creator. 8 P. M.

Trixie's Entertainment Complex

Thursday, September 8 — Death Angel w/ VAMT.

Saturday, September 24 — Bobaflex w/ Signal The Revolution.

Turn Table Bar And Grill (Bowling Green Ky)

Friday, October 7 — Gorgy, Mangled Atrocity and Fornicus.


Saturday, September 3 — The Prodepressants and Manic Methed.

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