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Issue: June 2016

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
JD Hall

Name: My name is JD Hall.

Age: I am 40 years old.

Instrument: I do vocals and guitar.

Band/Former Bands: My current band is Helfire Militia. My former bands were Graveflower, Churchbomb, and Kallus.

How long on instrument: I have been on vocals for fourteen years.

Equipment: Equipment I use is Sure 58 mic.

Influences: My influences are Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Neurosis, Entombed, Kreator and more.

My first gig: My first gig was in the Summer of 2001, at the New Albany IN Amphitheater, playing bass for Kallus. I was extremely drunk and played nothing that I was supposed to. I heard it was a grand performance.

Hobbies: My hobbies include being a great dad, staying sober, playing and listening to great music.

My favorite movies: Any movie with swords and/or axes.

My favorite food: Popeye's chicken.

My favorite place: My fave is Red River Gorge.

My favorite sports team: The New Orleans Saints.

What I listen to nowadays: Now days I listen to Black Breath, Cattle Decapitation, Windhand and Nate Hall.

The coolest thing I have ever done: Is getting sober.

My most embarrassing moment: Getting drunk wrecking, my sister's car and going to jail.

My Bad Habits: My bad habit is over-spending.

My first concert: My first concert ever was Endpoint in 1993.

If you could meet a Rockstar ( past or present ) who would it be and why: If I could meet a rockstar past or present, it would be Tonni Iommi from Black Sabbath because he is a huge influence on my music style.

Who do you love: I love Chloe Moon Hall, my daughter.

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