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Issue: August 2011

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
William Dale

Name:William Dale - AKA: "Billy Jack Skillet," "Will D," and "Tom"


Instrument: Drums, etc.

Band/Former Bands: Lucid Grey (current), Sundowner Syndrome (former), 10,000 Watt Halo (former), Young Mr. Lincoln (former)

How long on instrument:13 Years. Well, off and on for 13 years. Not constantly. I do take breaks to sleep, eat, do pilates, and enjoy my hobbies (see below).

Equipment:SJC Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Xcel Drumsticks, DW Hardware & Pedals, Protection Racket Cases, Sennheiser Electronics (Mics/Wireless), Roland Electronics, a random number generator and a tennis racket.

Influences: Jose Pasillas, Buddy Rich, Mike Portnoy, Animal (Muppets)

My first gig:A birthday party on a farm in Versailles. For all the musicians thinking, "WOW... That's lame!" Don't act like you've never played a birthday party! It was magical.

Hobbies:Golf, baking, extreme couponing, eBay.

Favorite movies:Anything with Johnny Depp.

Favorite food:Cookies. More specifically, chocolate chip with a huge glass of milk at 2 a.m.

Favorite place:England (though I've never been) and my couch (where I spend at least 88% of my time).

Bad habits: Spending too much time on the couch, eating chocolate chip cookies every night, and biting my nails.

What I'm listening to nowadays:Motivational books on tape and jazz.

Coolest thing I've done:Made Beans!

Most embarrassing moment:I won't divulge too much on this one. Let's just say I'm not a huge fan of ice cubes anymore!

Who do you love:My ladies, my family, and all of my friends. Thanks for the sincere and constant support!

When/where did you first get some : I'm thinking the better question would have been, "how?"

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