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Issue: April 2011

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Kyle Simpson

Name: Kyle Simpson

Age: 15

Instrument: Guitar

Band/Former Bands: SLAKKER, SnotOzzy and the Crazy Babies, and FearOnlyUs at the present.

How long on instrument: years

Equipment: six strings, acoustics, seven strings. Favorite is MAB Dean with EMG pickups and Floyd Rose lock tuning.  JCM and Marshal head and cabs.

Influences: George Lynch, Jake E Lee, Paul Gilbert, Randy Rhoads, Eddy Van Halen, Kirk Hamet, Dave Mustang and many more.

My first gig: Fourth Street Live outside stage.

Hobbies: Write, play, and record music.

Favorite movies: Step Brothers, Zombieland, Any horror and comedy movies.

Favorite food: Pizza and Buffalo wings.

Favorite place: The stage.

Bad habits: Mountain Dew and sour patch exploders.

What I'm listening to nowadays: Old school Metallica and Megadeth, WhiteChapel, Suicide Silence, Iron Maiden, Chelsea Grin, Slayer, All That Remains, Kill Paradise and many others.

Coolest thing I've done: Madison Regatta with Crazy Train before we became SnotOzzy and the Crazy Babies. Rock for Kosair Benefit at Phoenix Hill Tavern with SnotOzzy and the Crazy Babies. 

Most embarrassing moment: After one of my gigs, waking up and finding a stalker posting fixed pictures of her with me added to them on on my Facebook page.

Who do you love: My right hand (Just kidding, my left) Now on a serious note my family, friends, music, and life.

In closing I wold like to thank all who have supported me in my life of music, including coach Pat Bearis; promoters Eddy Metal, Allen Ashbaugh and Terry Harper; Band members: SLAKKER-Nick Denham; Andrew Garrett; Chris Cassidy. Snot Ozzy- Pat Bearis; Ruben; and Nick Denham; FearOnlyUS- Ryan Simpson (Thanks for not being just my brother but my best friend) , Alex Looney, Seth Christian, Cory Havens, and DJ Pollard.

I would also like to thank my mom and dad for always having an open door policy for band practice. My dad and Jay for providing transporting to and from venues

I am looking for to finishing up the last couple of songs we have been working on and getting into the studio to record our first all original CD. METAL RULES!!!!!!!!!

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