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Category Finalists

LASC Songwriting Competition '94

The LASC's songwriting contest, Songwriting Competition '94, is closed and the first round of judging has been completed. The songs listed below have been selected as finalists in the first round of judging. These songs have been forwarded to the second round judges for ranking. The winner in each category will receive $100 and be eligible to win the Grand Prize. All finalists written by members of the LASC are eligible to win the $100 'Best of the LASC' Bonus Prize.

All prizes and certificates will be awarded at the LASC Songwriting Competition '94 Awards Banquet on November 12, 1994.


67 Without You

Gary Ferguson Littlestown, PA 1

08 Song For A Fiddler's Lady

Greg T. Trafidlo Bedford, VA

122 Blood ls Thicker Than Water

Louie Cate Alexandria, VA

167 The Sound Of Autumn

Wilbur R. Huckaby LaPorte, TX

261 Homesick

Glen Simpson Hardy, KY

298 The Old Fiddle Maker

Clara Jacobs Warsaw, OH

508 Like A Falling Rock

Earl Meyers Louisville, KY

509 Hillbilly Foot Stomping Music

Earl Meyers Louisville, KY

512 Old Folks

Earl Meyers Louisville, KY

520 My Bluegrass Mountain Home

Michael Boehnlein/Jack Roberts Jeffersonville, IN


32 Get Real

Louie Cate Alexandria, VA

37 Your Time Will Come

Louie Cate Alexandria, VA

91 Forget About You

Jerome ThompsonIngram, TX

92 Settling Down With The Blues

Jerome Thompson Ingram, TX

171 Goodbye Mr Bad Love

Ron Troutman/Dean Olawski Los Angeles, CA

224 I Like lt A Lot

Mark Gibbs Louisville, KY

295 Two Rights Will Always Make A Wrong

Jeanette Kays/Greg Walker Louisville, KY

367 My Frypan

a Linda Hardy Austin, TX

368 Heaven Got A Hold On Me Tonight

Linda Hardy Austin, TX

384 I Only Take What I Need

Louie Cate Alexandria, VA


49 Back At The Ranch

Lynn M Quinones Martinez, CA

51 Animal Rumba

Lynn MQuinones/Anna BeucheminMartinez, CA

144 The Vegetable Train

David Michael San Francisco, CA

373 Monster In My Bedroom

Iris Ann Hirsch Columbia, MD

374 Ants In My Pants

Iris Ann Hirsch Columbia, MD

377 Dunwood's Song

Diane Williams Louisville, KY

421 That's The Way It Sounds

Jack Glover Richmond, VA

505 That's What Makes The World Go Round

Earl Meyers Louisville, KY

511 Snow Flakes

Earl Meyers Louisville, KY

629 Orange

Jack Glover Richmond, VA


41 It's All Comin' Back To Me Now

Louie Cate Alexandrla, VA

63 Getting To Know You Again

Doug Jamian Madison, TN

315 Cowboy Hats/Halos

Brad Ellis/Joe Kirby Atlanta, GA

316 Where Do We Go From Here

Brad Ellis Atlanta, GA

365 Love Ain't The Lottery

Linda Hardy/Tommy ByrdAustin, TX

366 Lightning Bugs

Linda Hardy/Tommy Byrd Austin, TX

383 I'll Settle For Love

Louie Cale Alexandrla, VA

394 I Don't Want A Man

Brad Ellis/Nancy W. Peacock/Toni Davis/Chantay Martin Atlanta, GA

440 Just Too Perfect

Bill Pickard, Phil Thomson/Paulette Howard Decatur, GA

441 I Found A Jewel (In Pearl Mississippi)

Bill Pickard/Nancy Large Decatur, GA


87 Emily Anne

Brandt C. P. Smith Cincinnati, OH

105 Summer '64/Oh Freedom

GregT.Trafidlo/NealPhlllipsBedford, VA

10 Seafood Shop Shantyman Song

Greg T. Trafidlo Bedford, VA

19 Requiem (Danny's Name)

Louie Cate/Dawn Degeare Alexandria, VA

267 W. F.

David Cole, Bedford, IN

269 Boy From The Burbs

David Cole Bedford, IN

401 One Small Thing

Neal Phillips Blacksburg, VA

410 Carolina Sky

Neal Phillips Blacksburg, VA

540 Still Home To Me

Andrew McKnight Mlddleburg, VA

542 Atchafalaya

Andrew McKnight Middleburg, VA


12 Nails Or Love

Gloria Ramsey/Bob Phillips Conyers, GA

34 Reservation To Heaven

Louie Cate Alexandria, VA

46 The Praise Song

George Massouh Canton, OH

180 When I Talk To Jesus

Jo Ann Hatcher/Keith Bradford Louisvllle, KY

265 I Feel Your Hand

Gene Carrington Cisne, IL

281 Greater Than Me

Charles Farmer Louisville, KY

287 In The Streets

Joe E. Chatman Lawrenceville, GA

437 Salvation Arms

Louie Cate AIexandria, VA

507 Give Me The Strength

Earl Meyers Louisville, KY

510 I Open My Heart

David Pitt Mt.Washington, KY


66 Mass Grass

Stephen George Miller 6Hermitage, TN

90 Fontana

Jerome Thompson Ingram, TX

296 Two. Rights Will Always make a Wrong

Jeanette Kays/Greg Walker Louisville, KY

309 Shootin' The Rapids

Vernon Came Lawrenceaville, GA

310 Star Catcher

Vernon Came Lawrenceeville, GA

312 Three Days In November

Vernon Game Lawrenceville, GA

313 Luz Do Sol

Vernon Came Lavrrenceville, GA

314 Java Man

Vernon Came Lawrenceville, GA

546 Phil Lands On His Feet

Steve Jones Silver Spring, MD

586 T.C.

Dony Erwin Louisville, KY


77 The Bounty Hunter

George CochranRichmond, KY

104 Let The Flavor Come Up In It

Greg T.Trafidlo Bedford, VA

159 Hey Toto

Trapper/Harriet Michael LouisviIle, KY

186 My Sick Mornin' Lonesome

Gene Carrington Cisne, IL

21 7 Life's Not Fair

Carla Eaton Louisville, KY

236 Courage

Ken Klar Sherman Oaks, CA

418 His Last Rodeo

John Burdick Panquitch, UT

439 Falkenberry Cemetery

Bill Pickard/Louis Brown Decatur, GA

Jim Anderson Ashland, KY

515 Angels Glory Bound

Earl Meyers Louisville, KY


306 Runnin' Free

Eric L. Troff Pasadena, CA

332 Walking Alone

Scott Robinson Greenville, IN

399 Hold Me Now

BradEllis /Nancy W. Peacock Atlanta, GA

461 On My Own

Kevin Walker Pleasantville, NJ

581 Room For Love

Vincent D./Rozlyn Reynolds Louisville, KY

592 Maybe It's Only The Rain

J. Gregory Gillium/Wendy G Rosen Richmond, VA

595 Last Time I'm Fallin' In Love

Pele Papageorge/Roger Henderson Bethesda, MD

609 Lover

Chas Rough Louisville, KY

630 Let Me Make You Happy

Diane Williams Louisville, KY

631 Win You Over

Diane Williams Louisville, KY


84 Black-Eyed Susan

Alpheus F. Holmes Cincinnati, OH

115 Born Again Biker

Louie Cate/Susan Revgiala Alexandria, VA

118 Gringvita

Louie Cate/Garland Clifton Alexandria, VA

148 Hey! Is That Santa Claus?

David Michael San Francisco, CA

466 Blessed

Ken Baldwin Elizabethtown, KY

467 The Long Way Back Home

Ken Baldwin Elizabethtown, KY

468 Sarah Jean

Ken Baldwin Elizabethtown, KY

582 Jersey Girls

Paul Nahay/John Sawoski Floyds Knobs, IN

583 Starving Black Hole

Paul Nahay/John Sawoski Floyds Knobs, IN

584 Psycho Bitch From Hell

Paul Nahay/John Sawoski Floyds Knobs, IN


58 Alice Angel

Karen Willough Pelham, NY

116 Sometimes I Just Want To Scream

Louie Cate Alexandria, VA

120 Intensive Care

Louie Cate/Amanda McGill Alexandria, VA

331 Run From Love

Scott RobinsonGreenville, IN

333 We're All In This Together

Scott Robinson Greenville, IN

334 A Love Song

Scott Robinson Greenville, IN

486 Waiting For Favors

Bryan E. Hurst Louisville, KY

487 Better Things

Bryan E. Hurst Louisville, KY

518 Since It ls So

Paul Dell Aquila Louisville, KY

575 Short Black Skirt

Mary Helen Mares Melairie, LA

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