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Issue:May 2016 Year: 2016
Eddy Metal

News From the Pit
By Eddy Metal

Derby time! Ahhhh, my favorite time of the year! To me, Derby signifies that summer is here and it's time to have some fun! And what better way than to attend the Derby, get drunk, get raunchy, act like a kid again, and get out to see a bunch of killer national and local shows! That's what I've been doing (Candlebox, Grim Reaper, Geoff Tate, Zeroking) and I'm probably going to Derby, too! I live within three blocks of the track and that's perfect for stumbling home after a long day at the track! I don't even gotta drive or pay to park. Let's just hope it don't rain, because I'll pass if that happens. That place turns into one big mud pit. I remember one rainy year returning home hammered, covered in mud, and the next day I was half dead with the flu. Not good!

I'm just hoping after my Derby Eve festivities, I'll actually be up for going to Derby at all!!! I'm playing the infamous "and naughty" Ron Jeremy Derby Eve Gala at Trixie's the night before, so that should be entertaining, and challenging! Maybe if I set a slow pace and not get too wild Friday, I'll be able to go on Saturday! Ha. Ahhh, getting old sucks.

Oh well, it happens to us all. As long as you are happy, that's what counts! And I've been a happy MF lately. Free as a bird, no baggage, no nagging wife or grumpy GF to bring me down. Being alone has a certain dignity to it. I'm just glad that I've never been one to dwell too long on something you cannot fix. Time to move on and have some fun! I've been spending time hanging with my dog, cruising my Jeep Wrangler with the top off, jamming in my band, playing shows, and seeing all of you crazy mofo's out at the national shows. I love meeting you people, so never be too shy to say hello! At shows (Candlebox especially) you people embarrass the shit out of me sometimes and treat me like I'm a big rockstar or something, it's silly! While I do appreciate the attention and special treatment, I have to tell you I'm just an ordinary schmoe like all the other Louisville rockers! I'm just a news hound, and I like to help others and get the word out about all the talented and good people we have in our music scene. And there are a lot! I have met many many good people that I'm proud to call my friends. Of course, there are some hating cock-blocking, Facebook, ninja cowards out there, but they don't concern me. They are a insignificent minority in a much bigger world of people that are actually open to all kinds of music. As I get older, I find I like all kinds of music these days. I was humming a Seal song the other day! WTF.

One FB warrior called me a poser online because I don't play brutal heavy metal anymore. Sorry bro, but I have aged (it happens sometimes, lol) and I have much more to offer emotionally and musically these days than just all-out heavy metal. I still love metal more than any genre, and will no doubt play it again, but I currently have other shit going on. I enjoy writing music with feeling, and clean beautiful guitar parts. If that makes me a poser after all the metal I've done and supported in this town for 20+ years, then so be it. And if anyone don't like it tough shit!!

I hope you peeps have been digging the videos I put up for your pleasure. I scour the internet for old and new live performances by international acts, mostly for those coming to town or someplace close. Also videos from local bands past and present! I'm simply trying to give you folks a little preview and taste for whats ahead for you Louisvillians.

Summer is ahead! Awesome weather, water sports, hiking, Jeeping, a Colorado and Utah vacation, tons of badass concerts, and hopefully, some good female company!

It would be nice to find a cool laid-back hippie chick who like concerts and Jeep Wranglers, so you ladies keep my old long-haired ass in mind if that sounds like a fun time to you. I'm single as fuck.

In the meantime, get out to these shows, we have a lot of great shows to attend this summer! And if you see me at these shows, come up and say hello! I love meeting you loyal readers and Louisville rockers! So get those concert tickets and make plans now! Don't put it off.

After all, you only live once!

The Metal Grapevine

LMN FREE Ride - Win tickets to Hellyeah:

LMN's Free Ride is back once again! It's been a few since we've done a giveaway! Hellyeah will be at the Mercury Ballroom on May 24, and you can win tickets to see them! To win, email me at Eddymetal1@aol.com on Sunday May 15 at 9 p.m sharp. The first one who emails me at exactly 9 p.m. wins! In subject title, put HELLYEAH!!! You will be disqualified if you send more than one email, though, so be ready! Thanks to the Mercury Ballroom for the tickets. Good luck!

Geoff Tate's Operation Mindcrime at Headliners Review (w/Pics by Michael Deinlein):

I was lucky enough to be able to open for a vocal hero of mine Geoff Tate recently, and it was a helluva time. Everyone knows Geoff Tate from his Queensryche days! He was voted top 10 high-pitched rock singers of all time. Queensryche was pretty big back in the day. Trouble erupted within the band not too long ago and Geoff and the band parted ways. Geoff took the name Geoff Tate's Operation Mindcrime as his new project, and he set out to find some damn good musicians to jam with. He succeeded.

I saw Queensryche several years back at Jillian's and was a little let down. But now I know it was the venue and their retarded concrete walls surrounding the basement stage, and not the band or Geoff, because at his performance at Headliners on April 6, Geoff and his new project sounded amazing.

Geoff has enlisted some serious players into Operation Mindcrime. He obviously wanted to make sure it was some good shit! And good shit it was! On guitar was Geoff's old old friend and former bandmate before Queensryche existed, Kelly Gray, who played guitar for their band Myth. On guitar also is fellow Seattle native Scott Moughton, a super-nice guy who went out of his way to compliment my guitarwork. On bass is John Moyer, formerly of Disturbed, and a few other lesser known bands. On keyboards is Randy Gane, a guy that has known Geoff forever as well, and was also in the pre-Queensryche band Myth. Randy also played with Queensryche at times, too. On drums is the famous English drummer Simon Wright, who played for Dio and AC/DC! We were outside the venue before the show and he came up and said in a heavy british accent "Hello I'm Simon Wright." I was like, "Dude I know who you are. You are Simon "Fucking" Wright! He was such a humble and super-cool little guy, and a helluva drummer, that I just wanted to pick him up and hug the little shit! Most of the guys were outside hanging out being cool talking to us lowly opening bands. However, Geoff Tate was nowhere to be seen until soundcheck, and then he was back on the bus right after. Not in a talkative mood, I reckon.


Photo By Eddy Metal

Candlebox Candlebox


Photo By Eddy Metal

Candlebox Candlebox


Photo By Eddy Metal

Candlebox Candlebox


Photo By Eddy Metal

Candlebox Candlebox


Photo By Eddy Metal

Candlebox Candlebox


Photo By Eddy Metal

Candlebox Candlebox

Geoff Tate Operation Mindcrime

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Geoff Tate  Operation Mindcrime Geoff Tate  Operation Mindcrime

Geoff Tate Operation Mindcrime

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Geoff Tate   Operation Mindcrime Geoff Tate   Operation Mindcrime

South Of Never @ Headliners

Photo By Michael Deinlein

South Of Never @ Headliners South Of Never @ Headliners

Geoff Tate Operation Mindcrime

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Geoff Tate   Operation Mindcrime Geoff Tate   Operation Mindcrime

Geoff Tate Operation Mindcrime

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Geoff Tate   Operation Mindcrime Geoff Tate   Operation Mindcrime

Year Of The Gun

Photo By

Year Of The Gun Year Of The Gun


Photo By Michael Deinlein

SavageMaster-Zanzabar SavageMaster-Zanzabar

Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar

Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar

Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar

Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar

Photo By Michael Deinlein

Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar Grim Reaper @ Zanzabar

Yeah, I would say that Geoff put together a great lineup. Before the show, I was a bit concerned about the band's guitar gear, because the amps didn't look all that great, but looks are apparently deceiving, because they have that technological new thing going on through the computers, so the guitar sounds/tones/effects were fantastic. All figured out through a laptop! That's some crazy shit I wish I could figure out. They had it down pat to where every awesome guitar sound was covered. Sparkling cleans, heavy sound, lead with effects, all of it! Kelly Gray and Scott Moughton were pretty awesome together as they traded leads and rhythms all night. What a guitar duo, and no doubt Seattle's finest! Those guys are such professionals it's ridiculous. Make's me want to put down the guitar after seeing cats like that play. Geoff sounded really good. Much better than at the Jillian's show I mentioned. Age has not played a role in vocal degeneration. He still had the high notes, range and power needed to pull off the legendary Geoff Tate package. He didn't really slack or "play it safe" as a lot of singers do when singing difficult stuff, and yes, Tate's vocals are not easy to sing in the slightest. Geoff tried hard for the semi-packed crowd in attendance. It was a Wednesday night so there could have been a few more people there, in truth. But it was still a pretty good turnout. The first two songs "Neue Regel" and "Screaming In Digital" were off the Rage For Order album. Geoff sounded great, and even broke out a saxophone on one song I couldn't quite make out the name of. I didn't even know he played sax. The band also played several acoustic songs that sounded really good. One fan complained about the number of acoustic songs though. I'd rather have electric, too, to be honest, but it was still real good. The acoustic songs were "Jet City Woman," "Take Hold Of The Flame" off Queensryche's debut album, The Weight Of The World, and the huge hit "Silent Lucidity." I hate when people only think of "Silent Lucidity" when they think of Geoff and Queensryche! To be honest, I never cared much for that particular song. They have sooo many better songs than that in their repertoire.

They played "I am I" and "One More Time Around" off the Promised Land album. They played some new songs off their The Key album, titleed "Re-inventing the Future" and "The Stranger," both of which had that old Operation Mindcrime sound down to the tee. "The Stranger" was kind of heavy, though! A bit heavier than I imagined it would be! A great groove powered by one mean bass tone/groove, accompanied by Kelly Gray's soaring leads.

Guitarist Kelly Gray loves his Gibson Flying V! I showed him my handmade Bernie Rico Jr Flying V, but he is obviously a Gibson man and don't like the pointier V's. Othe new songs were "Burn" and "The Fall." "Walk In The Shadows" was also from Rage For Order. Finally, they played two songs from my favorite album Operation Mindcrime. They played "Eyes Of A Stranger," "Breaking The Silence" and then ended the night with the anthemic "Empire." I was kind of disappointed they didn't play more off Operation Mindcrime (I was dying to hear "Speak," "The Mission," "The Needle Lies") , since that is their band name and all, but seeing that they have brand new stuff out, and a huge back catalogue to rummage through, it's understandable.

I would have loved to have heard "Queen Of The Reich" but that song is a lung-buster for sure, and I imagine it would have been very challenging to try to sing that every night, so I can't really blame Geoff for leaving that one out. I would love to see these guys re-create the whole Operation Mindcrime album in it's entirety, complete with female vocalist Pamela Moore, who also sang on Operation Mindcrime! That would be unreal, and would really appeal to the fans! I'd bet my left nut on it. Actually, a few fans complained about the lack of songs from Operation Mindcrime. Oh well. I still had a blast and got to see Geoff back in action sounding better than he has in years, backed by a truly awesome band that is worthy in every sense of the word. And getting to open for him was icing on top of the cake! What a rush!

Opening bands South Of Never and Year Of The Gun did well, and we had a great time. The crowd was responsive to both opening bands! Being a local band, getting a good response to your music is a big deal. It made us local guys happy, so thank you to the fans who came early, bought tickets from us, and supported us! My band ended up selling all our tickets, so that made me, and the promoter, pretty happy! You peeps rock!

Thanks to Terry Harper And Production Simple/Headliners for the opportunity to play with a legend!

I tried to get an interview with Geoff but he never responded, even after I had taken the time to write down questions and stuff. So sorry about that. I tried.

iHeartmedia Screws Local Radio Icons, Royally:

This has angered many many people, especially me, and the people are not happy with iHeartmedia's decision to terminate two of Louisville's radio icons that we love! Why were they let go? Because the bigwigs at the company want to save money and not pay people what they are worth. Everyone loves Charlie Steele, the big cheese at iHeartmedia stations WQMF and The Fox. Not only had he been there forever, he was even there when I was an intern DJ, which was 900 years ago! Charlie was always a super-cool and humble guy even when I was new and no one knew me. Some of the radio people there didn't like me because I was different and was doing something very popular by playing tons of local music on the Fox when no one was really. Some were rude to me, some ignored me, some (some douche named Keith) even tried to insult me to discourage me. But not Charlie. Charlie was very helpful and nice to me when many weren't, and he has really helped Louisville musicians/bands over the years. He cared! Most radio bigwigs didn't give a shit. Charlie did. He played us bands on the radio, and made sure we were played, he brought us onstage at big shows! He brought my band onstage at Quiet Riot and made us look special, and we appreciated him for it. He would always stop and talk to anyone, unlike some holier than thou radio douchebags of the past. Hell, we even met up in Key West for a drink when he and his lovely wife Terri, and my girlfriend at the time and I were down there at the same time! Charlie worked very hard for that radio company and they shit on him royally. They brought in another guy for less pay. And Charlie always made sure we got plenty of free plugs for charity benefits that were going on, especially my Annual Rock For Kosair benefit! He plugged the hell out of that stuff, for the kids! All those years giving service to our fair city, and cast out like an old bag of garbage. Not cool at all!

And then there is sound/production engineer Chris Allman. The voice behind the radio waves! Chris is the "Detour" guy and has had that show for years and years!! He loved doing his radio show. Everyone has heard of "Detour!" Chris also was the voice for many a commercial. And he also helped many of us local bands by putting our music in the system so we could be played. Both of these guys were Louisville! To the core! If you were to look up Louisville in the dictionary, you would see these two guys pictures. Let's face it, over the years, these radio bigwigs have screwed many good people over. Black Frank, Bob O' Reilly, me, and now two great guys like Charlie and Chris. Not a way to do good business, to take away those who have given so much to our city. No worries though, I'm sure Charlie and Chris will bounce back with another great job in no time! Those guys have talent and character! And I'm sure some company will appreciate what they have to offer. In the meantime, be nice to the new guy in charge. It isn't his fault. He is just a guy trying to better himself like anyone else. Thank god we still have Mudd in there! Mudd rules. At least for now we have Mudd, untill they decide to pull some kid outta college in there to replace him for half the money, someone who hasn't a freakin' clue about the scene.

God help our local scene now.

Candlebox Review at Mercury Ballroom (w/pics by me):

Wow, what a great night to be single and free. Candlebox played in front of a packed house at the Mercury Ballroom and they sounded fantastic! I had never seen them before, so that had me interested to see what they sound like, and I was not disappointed at all. A lot of people were disappointed in the first opening band and I can understand why. It wasn't even rock! It was easy listening music or contemporary music of some kind that totally did not fit the bill. In fact, it was horrible and extremely boring. One buzzed concertgoer ranted "I can't stand it no more! I'm fixing to jump through this front plate glass window screaming Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhh if it don't stop soon!" Yes, it was that bad. People were bored and looking at each other like WTF? Who the hell picked that band to open for Candlebox? They should be beaten thoroughly about the face and neck area.

Thankfully the second band, Lullwater, from Georgia, was much much better suited for this bill, and they rocked pretty good. It was actually rock, too! They saved the whole opening act thing! It was a mixture of Southern rock and grunge soul rock! Good vocals. Good musicianship. And they seemed like nice guys when I talked to them. Look those guys up online!

The place was packed early (that's one of the things I love about the Merc) and there were tons of cute women in the crowd. The ladies love Candlebox, for sure. I always liked their music too, and I'm a picky bastage! I've never been much of a Nineties music fan. I hated Nirvana, STP was alright, Pearl Jam got on my nerves with Eddie Vedder's constant mind-numbing mumbling, and Soundgarden was decent, but I did actually like Candlebox and I loved Alice In Chains!

Vocalist Kevin Martin was in fine form as he ripped through the set like it was nothing! I always wonder and critique if singers sound as good when they perform live. I'll be honest with you, many singers play it safe or do not give it their all (like Motley Crue singer Vince Neil. who is a notorious slacker who leaves out full words, and sounds like a dying cat live!) and try to hit every note like on their CDs, but to the best of my limited knowledge of Candlebox, Kevin Martin tried like a MF, and was determined to put on a great performance to the fans. He totally delivered. Well done, Kev. The voice was smooth and the notes flew from his mouth like water flowing from a waterfall. Poetry.

New guitarist Mike Leslie was a badass on that Gibson Les Paul. I was hoping he could replicate that super sweet "Pete" Klett sound and tone we have come to know and love as the signature creamy Candlebox guitar tone, and Mike Leslie did exactly that, as he laid down some serious emotion from song to song. The man plays with feeling and I don't think the band could have made a better choice!

Drummer Dave Krusen was as solid a drummer as I've seen. No complaints here. Bassist Adam Kury and rhythm guitarist Brian Quinn held their own as well. A few of these guys may be new but you can tell they know their shit. The band was very tight as a unit (I heard no mistakes), they must have been playing quite a bit leading up to this considering this was their first show on their US tour!

The band played their big hits "You," "Cover Me" and ended the night with a killer version of "Far Behind," which was the highlight of the show. They also played "Sweet Summertime," an up-tempo rock that had a short Duran Duran intro from the song "Hungry Like A Wolf." They played a new song, "Vexatious," off of their new album Disappearing In Airports that seems a little different from what they are used to playing. I liked it though. Nice feeling and soul if a bit slow tempo at first. It kicks in after a bit, though! Nice volume swells on the guitar! As a guitarist myself, I noticed that Mike's solos really shined this night! Kevin's voice sounded real good on "Blossom," "You" and "Far Behind." They played a very energetic version of "Best Friends," which was probably one of the most energetic tunes of the night.

The crowd loved Candlebox and the band had them eating out of the palms of their hands. The hot chicks in attendance were pretty awesome, too. I was a flirting fool. I made sure I went with no date. I hung out with good friends, fellow musicians and band members and I had a blast! People were treating me like I was a rock star or something, which is goofy. I certainly have put in my time and effort for our rock scene to get some love back from the peeps. This night ruled. I saw a rocking band I've never seen, got some sweet pics of them, met some great new people, saw old friends, hung out with band members of mine and had a few cute females come up to me a' smiling. It was fun.

I needed that show. This winter had sucked pretty damn hard to be honest. So thanks to The Mercury Ballroom for making it happen. Keep up the great work!

Guns N' Roses, back together and coming to Cinci on July 6 at The Paul Brown Stadium:

I love some G N' R so I'm pretty stoked about this. Axel, Slash and Duff together again after 24 long years? Hell, yeah, count me in! People are talking about it quite a bit. I know several from Louisville who are going to the Cinci show at the Paul Brown Stadium on Wednesday, July 6. You might want to get your tickets ASAP because this could easily and will most likely sell out! I saw them one time long long ago on the Appetite For Destruction tour and I think they were so coked out, they couldn't play very well. First off, the songs were 900 miles an hour, that was one indication of cocaine usage! Lol. Part of G 'N' R's allure was the slow-paced, emotional songs, but hearing them at 900 miles an hour ruined it for me, way back then. But now that they've slowed down considerably, I'm sure it sounds great! In fact, I saw some videos of them live recently and it sounded awesome! I've always been a fan and I'm excited to see them now that they are drug-free and kickin' ass.

R.I.P Prince:

Yes, Prince was a badass. Awesome vocals, awesome songwriting, and really awesome guitar playing! Dude had it all. I'm still waiting to hear how he died, and why? He was too young to go like that. I never got to see him live and I would have for sure! It's true, I'm usually not into music like that, but you cannot help but like Prince, with so much talent oozing out from every angle of his being!

He was a musical genius and he will be missed. R.I.P Prince!

Ghost Coming In May!

Yay, more metal! Well it's kinda metal, in a weird, progressive, sullen way. A few friends turned me on to this newer band and I like them, so I'll probably go check them out and get some pics for you peeps! This music is eeire. See these guys May 11 at The Mercury Ballroom!

Sevendust coming in May!

Sevendust is coming on May 25 at the Mercury Ballroom, to be exact. This will sell out, so get your tickets asap if you want to go! Like A Storm (I opened for them last year. Great band!) will be opening so that promises to be a good show. I saw Sevendust at Louder Than life and they kicked some serious butt. They were one of the better bands there. Anyways, those guys are awesome, and when I met them years ago, were very cool and down to earth. So support them! Not many touring rock bands are that cool.

Just In - Carcass Coming in June!!!

Hell yes! I like Carcass. I've never seen them before, I don't think. Now here is my chance! Check them out at the Mercury ballroom on July 30 with Crowbar, Ghoul and Night Demon. Here is one of my favorite Carcass songs live!

Flaw's New Album Release Date Finally Confirmed!

Just in! August 19 is the release date for Flaw's new album Divided We Fall. I'm very proud of these Louisville guys for never giving up, moving forward through negative horseshit, conquering it, and now putting out an album that will be available globally! David Lee Roth once said ""You have to have your records in Tahiti. If they aren't in Tahiti, they aren't anywhere else!" Tahitians will be enjoying Flaw come August 19, so that is some really cool shit. Congrats, guys, and the best of luck to you! Be sure to see them on Derby Eve at the Ron Jeremy Gala at Trixie's! It might be the last show around here for a few!

Steve Grimmit's Grim Reaper at Zanzabar Review (w/Pics by Michael Deinlein):

I saw at the last minute that England's Grim Reaper was going to be at Zanzabar, so I opted to check it out, and boy I am glad I did. By Grim Reaper, I mean vocalist Steve Grimmit's Grim Reaper, original guitarist Nick Bowcott was not there. I admit that had me kinda bummed when I found out Bowcott wasn't going to be there, but I quickly got over it when the band started to play, because it sounded great!

You oldschoolers may remember Grim Reaper from the early Eighties' hit they had "See You In Hell." It featured super-high vocals and some badass guitar in the form of chunky power metal riffage. Well, not much has changed musically for those guys. Vocalist Steve Grimmitt was awesome! For an older dude who is not the best shape, he belted out those songs without losing a breath! My fat ass would have been huffing and puffing and dying for air, but Steve was on it like flies on shit. Dawg was hitting pretty much every important note in all the songs. The band played a good long set, too. I don't see how he didn't get tired and slack off, eventually. Power, range, melody, Steve Grimmitt has it all, and is truly a British metal legend, even if he never made it to the big time like so many others of that era did. Steve had a good band backing him, too. Guitarist Ian Nash is no Bowcott, but he was still pretty damn good, as were bassist Chaz Grimaldi and drummer Paul White. What freaked me out was that the band was using the opening band's (Savage Master), gear!

That seems to happen a lot nowadays. The cost of transporting gear internationally is probably crazy, so why not? All I know is that it sounded fine! Me? If I was borrowing gear to use, I would be worried to death that my tone was sufficient for the music! Who knows what kind of gear the opening band could have had! Crate amps! Kustom? Behringer? Ultra Yuk. Good thing Savage Master has some decent gear.

The band played their hits "See You In Hell" and "Rock You To Hell" as well as a Dio cover "Don't talk To Strangers." It sounded great! Frikkin' awesome really! I'm not too familiar with their other song titles so sorry about that. All I can say is that I was very impressed and entertained, as was my date and she never even heard of Grim Reaper! The highlight was "Rock you to Hell" and "See You In Hell" at the end of the night, when Steve invited Sacey Savage to come up and sing it with her! Very cool. There wasn't a good turnout, but like Grimmitt said, "the ones that were there made it worth it!" The fans screamed after every song and gave Steve and the boys much love. Special Thanks to The Zanzabar for booking this awesome metal show.

Savage Master really ripped it up this night. It was the second time I've seen them and this time was much better. The sound was infinitely better at Zanzabar than at the Mag Bar. I talked to a few of Savage Master's members and they are some good peeps. They had a really good mix this night! And it was a perfect match-up with Grim Reaper. Two old-school metal merchants plying their trade. Good times!

Thanks to Zanzabar for making these metal shows happen in a cool smaller more intimate venue! Grim Reaper and Voivod was wicked! More please! Oh, yeah, the food at Zanzabar is pretty good! Try the Fish N' Chips! And the cool ass video games!

Ratt at Mercury Ballroom on August 3:

Ahhhh, those lovely Eighties. Such a great time to have grown up. Fun was the word. Oh, yeah, and Aqua Net! One of those Eighties bands is coming to Louisville on August 3 at The Mercury Ballroom. Ratt!! I know what you are thinking, how many original members are there left? Well, it seems vocalist Stephen Pearcy has left the band, so who is on vocals? A guy I never heard of named Joshua Alan. I'm looking at some live video and he sounds better than Stephen Pearcy does now, so be happy. I saw Stephen Pearcy about six years ago and he was not good live. Ratt has had legal troubles lately with a nasty split-up, so I'm not sure who will be playing the instruments when they come here in August. I'm sure they will be talented players, though. I prefer this new guy over Pearcy, anyways! He has that gravelly, raspy "young" Pearcy tone down pretty good, as well as some super-high's that Pearcy could probably never do.

Check it out. I'd love to get on the opening gig for this show. My band would be a perfect opener!

Ron Jeremy's Derby Eve Bash w/ 40 Below Summer, Flaw and Others:

Ready for a raunchy Derby Eve, Friday, May 6, rocking out with some good music and friends? Then head up to Trixie's for a bitchin' show featuring Flaw, 40 Below Summer, 7DaySun, Signal The Revolution, Year Of The Gun and Chadillac Dundee. Be early for us local bands the festivies start at 6 p.m!!! Let's get drunk!

Here's some new Flaw for ya.

New Hatebreed Video:

Brand new music, This one is called "Looking Down The Barrel Of Today." From Hatebreed's new album The Concrete Confessional due out on May 13, 2016! Pretty mean stuff.

Musician Of The Month:

Be sure to check out this months feature, David L. Williams Jr , longtime drummer of The Big Rock Show! Dude is one rockin' drummer!

Solo Of The Month:

The second monthly feature solo of the month is drummer Nik Houpt of Incursion. Here he is tearing it up like a MF. Those guys are currently recording so we should hear some new music from Incursion very soon.

Black Sabbath coming to Indy:

September 2 at the Klipsch Music Center! I saw them in 2013 and omg, it was killer. That was the first concert I paid to get into in like 20 years! I usually get in free, being with the media and all, but that was one time I didn't mind paying, because it was great. Ozzy sounded awesome, despite rumors of him sucking live these days. It was a lie. Ozzy killed! The whole band killed. What a show. Seeing Tony Iommi play his guitar solos and Geezer Butler play "N.I.B"sent goosebumps all up my spine! Supposedly this the end for Black Sabbath, so trust me on this, do not miss this show!

Here is some classic footage from California Jam 1974! Check it out.

As they are now in 2016.

Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin 2016 Tour w/ Alter Bridge and Saint Asonia- two shows in our Region:

Wednesday, July 20 at Klipsch Music Center in Indy, and also at Riverbend in Cincinatti on Wednesday, July 27. Sounds like a pretty sweet show for real! Lots of ladies will be there, too, I'm betting. Might have to make one of these shows! With them are special guests Alter Bridge and Saint Asonia.

THC hitting Louisville soon:

Texas Hippie Coalition will be at Trixie's on May 15! The undercard is Sons Of Texas, Boozer, Gravelswitch and Downtrend. 6 p.m. I've never partaken of THC before so I think I will attend. This should be fun! Here is the brand new video "Angel Fall." I'm digging this tune!

Rob Zombie/Korn and In This Moment coming to Riverbend on August 2:

This promises to be a knock-down, drag-out event. Should be a wild one! Get those tickets. Here is the new Rob Zombie video! I don't know about this song, though. A little too much Primus "Big Brown Beaver" sounding for me, I think.

Whitesnake Coming to Riverbend:

Tuesday, June 14 at Riverbend, Whitesnake returns! I know what you might be thinking, Those dudes are 900 years old! Well, let me tell you! I reviewed them there about 7 or 8 years ago, and they were unreal! David Coverdale is still amazing. Actually better than ever! He hit the notes in "Still Of The Night" and everything! I was wondering if he could do it, and he did. Not to mention the awesome guitar work of Reb Beach and legendary drumming of Tommy Aldridge. How can you lose?

Just In Bullet For My Valentine coming May 17:

Ok, I don't know shit about this band, but I do know a lot of young peeps like them, so here you go! Tuesday May 17 at the Mercury Ballroom w/ Asking Alexandria and Cane Hill. Get your tickets!

Eyehategod coming to Trixie's:

New Orleans sludge metallers Eyehategod are coming to Trixie's on Sunday, May 1. With them will be The Stonecutters, Luther and VAMT.

Johari covering Superman VS Batman:

This louevil band is sick! They are covering the Superman VS Batman theme!! See them in action opening for Parkway Drive on June 5 at the Mercury Ballroom.

New Music Debut from VAMT:

Here is some brand-new music from Louisville hardcore heavyweights VAMT. Their first recording! This assault is called "Blood Of The Architect."

You can see them on Sunday, May 1 opening for Eyehategod at Trixie's. Be early though, I think they go on first. Don't miss it!

Axel Rose Fronting AC/DC?

I don't know if this will happen or not, with big money options from the G 'N' R reunion coming along, but my take is that Axel wouldn't be too bad of a choice. He has the high, gravelly voice that is AC/DC's trademark. I saw some video of Axel sing "Whole Lotta Rosie" with AC/DC and it sounded good! And that was with Axel sitting down with a broken foot! To get good vocal power and full diaphragm usage, you have to be standing up to sing well. The truth is Brian Johnson's voice was gone, and has been for years. He simply couldn't do it anymore. Those type of vocals are strenuous on the vocal cords, to say the least. Trust me I know! Brian is lucky to have lasted as long as he did. I love Brian but it was time to step down. And if Angus wants to continue that is his choice, so get off his back! Wouldn't it have been cool if Louisville's Dave Moody or Bobby Stamper could have replaced Johnson, like in the movie Rockstar? Both would have fit well I think.

I guess we'll just have to see what happens with Axel and Angus.

Randy's Band Aid For Cancer on June 5 at Expo 5:

Sunday, June 5 promises to be a fun night for Louisville musicians as it is the third annual Randy's Band Aid For Cancer Benefit. All monies go to Shirley's Way. For help with cancer patients and the like. Randy may not be with us anymore, god rest his soul, but he has left behind a legacy and awesome benefit that will go on helping people throughout the years! Bands playing are Naked Garden, Devereaux, Big Rock Show, Thunderstruck, The Shane Dawson Band, and many more! It starts at 11 A.M.

R.I.P.. Randy, we miss you bro.

Def Leppard, Reo Speedwagon and Tesla coming to Riverbend on July 5:

This should be one for you old-schoolers! Def Leppard is awesome live, especially the guitars! And Tesla is good, too, and really nice guys. Check it out!! And REO kicks ass as well. Kevin Cronin has great vocals and is a great songwriter.

Snowy Shaw and Michael Denner Live:

This is pretty badass, former King Diamond drummer Snowy Shaw on vocals (crazy, I didn't even know he sang!), and Mercyful Fate guitarist Michael Denner jamming together! Wicked! Snowy sounds great on vocals!

Heart, Joan Jett and Cheap Trick coming to Riverbend on Friday July 22:

I saw Heart a few years back, and I was blown away. Omg. They are amazing!! No shit. So do yourself a favor and get yo asses up to Riverbend to be blown away by sheer talent. The Wilson sisters are the real deal, peeps! The guitar playing of Nancy is epic, and Ann's voice is as beautiful as ever! And everyone loves Cheap Trick! Hell, I may have to go see this show just to see those two. Joan Jett is alright, too I reckon.

Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

New Band Alert Stout:

Formed in September 2015 from bands like Ted Stryker, Caducus and Kavehill, the band is comprised of Chris Gravel, vocals; Steve McDougale, drums; Jason Cheatham, guitar and Al Oliver, bass. The style is metal but they didn't say what kind. They are going to be recording in May and will be looking to be playing out by late summer! Be on the lookout for Stout.

Slipknot and Marilyn Manson coming to Riverbend on July 12:

Not a big fan of either band, but I'm sure it will be a fun show! Riverbend is always fun. Attend!

Mushroomhead coming on May 16 at Diamond Pub:

Get your tickets, this should be a wild one!!

New music from Fatal Step and Empyrean Asunder Coming soon:

Both of these metal bands are currently recording and should have something out in a short while, a month or two at most! I'm really digging the band Fatal Step. The guitars, the vocals, all of it. Can't wait to review and put the new music up on Louisville Music News. This should be some good chit.

Zeroking Review:

I recently saw West Virginia's Zeroking, and those guys put on a good show. Good, hooky vocals, good guitar playing, a good bassist and solid drummer. Those guys know their stuff and are pro's. They got the right stuff. Stage presence and character. They also know how to entertain and put on a smooth, seamless set. Vocalist Andy Haught, from Huntington, WV, has been singing forever, it seems. He has played Louisville in three bands of his, so people know him here. Andy sings a little more melodically than he used to, but he can scream, as well. He has range and power, too. The guitarist Shane Day, was having issues with his guitar jack, but he fixed it pretty fast. I like Shane's tone and playing style. He don't mess around! I wish more people could have made it out, but the ones that were there were supportive! I was hangin with Black Frank at the show. Their song "Dead Rock Star" is a catchy damn song! I couldn't get it outta my skull for a few days. It's a very memorable tune. Check it out! Some hooky shit!

Louder Than Life 2016:

Well, I'm kinda excited to see what 2016 holds for LTL!!! No word yet on anything but it won't be long now. I talked to their people a few days ago, and some announcement will be made within a month or so!! I love LTL so I hope it's a killer lineup. Maybe a little bit heavier than last year's? Who would you like to see come play LTL??? Stay tuned!!!

Diamond Pub and Expo 5, where did you go?

I haven't seen many local original shows at either place for some time now. Diamond Pub seems to be doing mostly cover bands now, and Expo 5 doesn't seem to be doing much, either! Whats up with that? I know attendance is down a bit, but you should never give up! You have two great venues there, so please get that shit going again. I loved playing there at both places, so please don't forget us Louisville rockers who play our OWN music. We may not play radio top 40, but we definitely put our hearts and souls into it just as much as the cover bands do, or more!

C'mon guys! Get back on the horse...and let's rock this MF!

Mobile Deathcamp coming on May 10 at New Vintage:

Tuesday, May 10 at New Vintage it's gonna get ugly with these guys, and locals Chigger. C'mon out slugs!

The Louisville Crashers Live in Central Park Review:

I went to Central Park to see some outdoor Louisville Crashers. I always wanted to play a show at the Amphitheater there, because it looks cool. The Crashers had that place rockin'. Such a great cover band! You peeps know I am not into cover bands at all, but I got to give credit where it is due. Those guys have it going on! No wonder they are Louisville's # 1 cover band. Great vocals, great guitar, great drums, great keyboards, this is a very tight band with a total pro sound and setup! They play a bunch of family-friendly songs that are much lighter than what most cover bands play, but it's all good. Somebody has to make that money! The crowd of older folk was happy as hell to have The Crashers rocking for them. It was a nice little crowd considering it was looking like it was about to pour down raining.

They paid homage to the recently departed Price by playing "Let's Go Crazy" and "Purple Rain" while purple lights rained from the stage lighting. Nice! They were funny, humble and entertaining. They love the kids too, and had a basket of toy tambourines for the kiddos. The kids ate that stuff up, too! I saw people of all races get along and enjoy the show and that was pretty cool. Mark Maxwell is quite the frontman, as he was all over the place with his wireless mic, never missing a note as he did so. He has a very melodic voice. And their soundman was a damn good soundman, too. He was an expert at vocal effects and how to apply them correctly. It was a great mix all around. I didn't stay long, because I had plans, but I'm glad I went. I met some cool peeps and saw a damn good cover band, even if they are a family-friendly, top 40 band. There were a few cute chicks there, too. I should have taken my dog though! He is a babe magnet! Props to The Crashers for a job well done.

Rockaway Drive Seeking Vocalist:

Oldschool heavy metal band Rockaway Drive is seeking vocalist. These guys jam and are cool, so if you wanna join an established band already going strong, here is your chance. Email Mick at mickwatkins85@yahoo.com

Here is sample of their music.

LMN Live Boozer "Let's Get Drunk!"

You can see these guys in action opening for Texas Hippie Coalition on May 15 at Trixie's! Be early for Boozer!

LMN Live 7DaySun covering The Deftones:

See their reunion show on Derby Eve at Trixie's!

LMN Live Luther in Bowling Green:

Southern Kentucky rockers kicking ass in Bowling Green:

LMN Live Signal The Revolution in Cleveland:

Here is STR playing The Agora in Cleveland Ohio. See their first show in several months on Derby Eve at Trixie's.

LMN Live Unleashed pays Tribute to Prince:

Here is Unleashed playing "Purple Rain." These guys 'n' gals are awesome. I remember a few years back I was telling some singer in a local metal band about Unleashed, and this asshole says "do they realize there is a metal band from Germany named Unleashed!" He was being a d**k about it. I was thinking, dude your vocals sound like a bowel movement after eating Indi's, you wish you had half the talent these kids do. The guy was and still is an asshole, so go figure! People like Unleashed, so go suck a d**k.

LMN Live Blast From The Past, Kings Ransom:

1989. King's Ransom.

LMN Live Year Of The Gun opening for Geoff Tate:

Here is some footage of us opening for Queensryche's Geoff Tate at Headliners on April 6 2016.

Upcoming Shows

3rd Street Dive

Friday, June 10 Dead Dick Hammer and the Jereactors. 9 p.m.

Saturday, June 21 Luther w/ VAMT and Hells Fire Sinners. 9 p.m.

The Brick Alley in Frankfort

Saturday, June 25 South Of Never and Custom Audio Mutations (Ohio) . 9 p.m.

The County Line

Friday, June 3 Soundtrip. 9 p.m.

Diamond Pub

Thursday, June 5 Prong w/ Granshaw, Devil And The Darkness, Klinch and Kentucky Ugly.

Monday, June 16 Mushroomhead w/ Sumo Cyco, Madame Mayhem and Product Of Hate. 7 p.m.

Friday, June 27 Rings Of Saturn w/ The Browning, Lorna shore, Sadistic Creator and Hardly What The Name Indicates. 7 p.m.

Sunday, June 29 Insane Clown Posse. 7 p.m.

Tuesday, June 14 Insane Clown Posse. 8 p.m

Saturday July 11 10 Years w/ He Is Legend and Spoken. 7:30 p.m

Saturday July 30 Guerilla Red, Despite The Fallen, Hell Came Home , Day Of Ruin and Mariposa. 7 p.m.

Expo 5

Sunday, June 5 Randy's Band Aid For Cancer featuring Naked Garden, Devereaux, Big Rock Show, Thunderstruck, The Shane Dawson Band, and many more! 11 A.M.

Hard Rock Cafe

Thursday, June 19 Audiotopsy. 8 p.m.

Sunday, June 22 Lacey Sturm w/ Hoosier, Blindside Drop and Abby Henderson. 7 p.m.

Thursday July 21 Smile Empty Soul w/ Romantic Rebels, Everyday losers, Beitthemeans and Leafdale. 7 p.m.

Massie's Entertainment Venue (Danville KY)

Tuesday, June 3 Vital Remains w/ Succumb To Demise, Mangled Atrocity and Synapse. 6:30 p.m. All ages.

Friday, June 6 Kentucky Ugly, Koza and KOA. 6:30 p.m. All ages.

Thursday, June 19 Mobile Deathcamp w/ Creature Of Exile, Theories Of The Apocalypse and Charming demons. 7 p.m. All ages.

The Mercury Ballroom

Thursday, June 5 Parkway Drive w/ Cover Your Tracks, Johari and Lifelines. 7 p.m.

Wednesday, June 11 Ghost w/ Pinkish Black. 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday, June 17 Bullet For My Valentine w/ Asking Alexandria and Cane Hill.

Wednesday, June 25 Sevendust w/ Like A Storm and Pick Your Poison. 7:30 p.m.

Saturday July 30 Carcass, Crowbar, Ghoul and Night Demon. 7 p.m.

Wednesday August 3 Ratt and TBA. 7 p.m.

The New Vintage

Sunday, June 1 Bane, Miracle Drug, Malfunction and Street Rat. 7 p.m.

Tuesday, June 10 Mobile Deathcamp w/ Chigger. 9 p.m.

The Spillway Bar and Grill in Bowling Green , KY.

Saturday August 20 Despite The Fallen and Year Of The Gun. 9 p.m.

T. K's

Derby Weekend Lawn Dart Accident. 9 p.m.

Trixie's Entertainment Complex

Sunday, June 1 EyeHateGod w/ The Stonecutters, Luther and VAMT. 8 p.m.

Friday, June 6 Ron Jeremy's Derby Eve Bash w/ 40 Below Summer and Flaw, with special guests 7DaySun, Signal The Revolution, Year Of The Gun and Chadillac Dundee. 6 p.m.

Sunday, June 8 (Hed) PE w/ The Veer Union, Guerilla Red and Despite The Fallen. 7:30 p.m.

Sunday, June 15 Texas Hippie Coalition w/ Sons Of Texas, Boozer, Gravelswitch and Downtrend. 6 p.m.

Wednesday, June 18 The Butcher Babies w/ Hellfire Militia and Caducus. 7 p.m.

Wicks on Baxter

Saturday, June 14 Unleashed. 10 p.m.

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