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The Scene Report: All Ages

February has been the slowest month for all-ages shows that Louisville has seen in quite some time. Most of the headlining bands have been spending a lot of their time touring and recording, which has proved to be a large blow to the status of the Louisville scene. I have heard of a few upcoming shows at the Grand in New Albany. I've also heard that the Cardinal Inn has begun to house some all-ages shows. This is good because it gives smaller bands a place to play. Since there have not been enough shows in Louisville to talk about successfully, I will chose to write this month's article on bands that will be releasing material soon.

Enkindel will be releasing their new seven-inch within a few week on Initial Records. Initial has taken a large interest in Louisville, so much so in fact that they are planning on moving from Detroit to Louisville this summer. Enkindel has been playing out of town quite a bit lately and receiving great responses.

Falling Forward has recorded two songs at D.S.L. to release on Doghouse Records. That seven-inch should be out within two months.

Doghouse Records will be releasing the initial Endpoint record around March 15, so if you would like to purchase that release you might want to check with your favorite record stores.

Metroschifter is going to Chicago this April to record their next record, which will probably be released on Doghouse.

Wino has been playing shows around lately. and improving quite well from what I have heard. Their record should be out soon.

Three Little Glrls have just given the Kill seven-inch to American Commercial, which is a sub-division of Slamdek Records.

Rachels have recorded and will be releasing their new material on Quarter Stick, which was Rodan's label. I haven't heard the recording yet, but l have been told that it is incredible. The cover, which I have seen, is beautiful. So keep your eyes peeled for it around April.

Guilt will be venturing to Chicago around April 22 to record for their next record, which will be released on Victory Records.

Shellac should be coming to town this month but not all has been firmed, so it might actually fall through. The main problem with the Shellac show is that the owner of the Grand would apparently be making more money than he should. I agree with this to some degree. This move rnent, which is often coined punk rock, was always about doing things for one's self and taking what is rightfully one's own. But in conditions such as Louisville's where even VFW halls won't let promoters do shows, people cannot be quite so choosy. Of course, in Shellac's case, they can and I honestly believe they should; it is their right. When you are in a band on tour you need to do what is in your best interest.

This month. as I stated previously, has been very rough, but fortunately I know that there are many shows planned for the next two months. Many of the dates are tentative, so announcing them could actually do more harm than good. But l do know that the following bands are scheduled to play in Louisville: Avail, Shellac. Kerosene 454, Snapcase, Mouthpiece and Bloodlet. You will probably find fliers for these shows in your finer record stores. the ones that will actually hang fliers in the store.

Us Versus Them has opened its doors for anyone who has the craving for obscure punk records or the common run-of-t.he-mill hard-core records. One may find Us Versus Them two blocks north of Broadway on Baxter.

Because of the extreme tack of concerts this month, l really have nothing further to write on. Next month will, I hope, bring better news for the all-ages scene. If you have any information. please write: P. O. Box 5159, Louisville, KY 40205.

Thanks again for your time.

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