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Live Music Submission Form

Louisville Music News' Print and Online Live Music Calendars are for shows in the Kentuckiana area only.
For more extensive listings, please email to this address: events@louisvillemusicnews.net. For USPS mail, send to the address below:

Address: Live Music Events
Louisville Music News. Inc.
3705 Fairway Lane
Louisville, Ky. 40207
Questions? Email Editor at Louisvillemusicnew.net
Artist Name:
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    Include the full name of the venue where this event is happening.
    Include the street address of the venue.
Event Title:
    Include the full title of the event, e.g., The Jeffersontown-Crusade Blues Festival.
Date of Show:
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Publishable Phone No.:
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    Admission, including advance and Day of Show prices, if any
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