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Issue: October 2013
Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

It's fall. That time has come when the seasons change their attitude, the weather makes it's changes and aside from that many other changes are made. One of those many others and very unexpected, LMN will make a very big change. This will be the last Bluegrass Beat column. It will also be the last print edition of Louisville Music News. You probably already know that by now.

Paul after your 24 years and nine months I am sure you will be missed here in Louisville. You do have plans to continue by other means, which I am sure this edition will have your full explanation. From the justifications in your recent email note, I can fully understand your decision. But you will be missed and I thank you for letting me a part of this these many years. I have no idea how many. Best wishes to enjoy changes, less pressures, a nice long vacation which you had to sacrifice in order to take care of business. You deserve a break. Make the most of it.

Before I leave, I would like to encourage those readers and or bluegrass fans to keep bluegrass alive and well. Attend events that feature Bluegrass music. I have thought a number of times over the years that some folks when asked to attend a bluegrass festival or show come up with something like "OH no … not bluegrass." I sort of think down under that somewhere in their heart they're afraid they might like it and don't want their friends to find out. Bluegrass music does have deep roots in America. Bluegrass festivals and shows are the only thing of it's kind that you probably see one, two, three generations of a family there together and all of them want to be there. With extreme exceptions, bluegrass festivals are trouble-free, a great family atmosphere. I am going to borrow from a letter to the editor, Bluegrass Unlimited, I wrote that was in the January 1991issue. "Bluegrass music and fans only have limits if we set them ourselves. We don't have to force bluegrass, just give it the exposure. We don't have to apologize." I like my bluegrass, bluegrass!

I extend thanks to all of you who have been readers of Bluegrass Beat all these years. Now switch reading to listening to make up for it. Listen Sunday nights, WFPK 91.9 FM 8 11 pm for Sunday Bluegrass. The shortest, fastest and bestest three hours in radio playing you more music than anybody. Bluegrass, traditional country and old time country. Oops, it's time to go get a doughnut. Thanks again!!

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