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Issue: February 2013

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Joshua Napier

Name: Joshua Napier

Age: 22

Instrument: I sing, play guitar, piano, bass and produce.

Band/Former Bands: I've been in Talk of Spring for little over 4 years now. I use to do an acoustic solo project under my own name.

How long on instrument: Been playing guitar and singing for longer than I can remember and started messing with production almost a year ago. As far as everything, else I started messing around with it after joining TOS.

Equipment: Whatever guitar I feel like playing, I have a Gibson Les Paul, a Gibson sg, a couple of strats, and a few acoustics. I play through my Egnater mod 5

Influences: I guess it's whatever I hear or see. Life has been the greatest influence I could ever have and with being ADHD, I just never know what to think about. So my brain is in a million places at one time. I'll be doing one thing and completely be thinking about something else. I try my best to let everything that happens to me in life be an influence in everything I do.

y first gig: Bulldog Cafe, opening for Audio At War and Kinsey.

Hobbies: I guess I just do whatever is thrown at me. I'm a pretty open person. You never know what opportunities can await you behind what is presented by the people and situations that come in life.

Favorite movies: I love Scream, anything Seth McFarland writes is pretty genius as well. I love a lot of movies that I grew up with like Tommy Boy, Ace Ventura, The Mask. Or movies that can make me think like SLC Punk, A Scanner Darkly, A Clockwork Orange.

Favorite food: I love Mexican food.

Favorite place: My favorite place is my man cave.

Favorite sports or team: Go Big Blue!

What I'm listening to nowadays: I've been listening to all the stuff I remember hearing in the 90's lately and modern classical music.

Coolest thing I've done: I loved going up to record in Chicago. We drank a lot of Slurpees, walked around Michigan Avenue and hung out. The food there was just amazing as well. I also took breaks and would go skate at this park underneath the Kennedy expressway. Even after it was freezing, I busted my ass on ice a million times, and got two parking tickets I still love Chicago.

Most embarrassing moment: I really don't get embarrassed much, but there was one time when I was on a cruise with Scotty, Jake, my paps, and a couple other friends. Well one of the days at sea ,we all were getting in the hot tub and my dad and our friend Shane waited till Jake, Scotty, and I got in then they took of there trunks, only to be wearing Speedos then got in with us. It was pretty funny.

Bad Habits: I have this bad habit of always tapping especially when it's quiet.

When/where did you first get some: When I was 18 in my car after watching Yes Man.

If you could meet a Rockstar (past or present), who would it be, and why: Definitely Frank Sinatra, I mean could you imagine partying with Frank Sinatra?

Who do you love: I love everyone, because they all influence my day in one way or another. I don't have hate for anyone because it's way too exhausting.

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