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Issue: October 2010
Berk Bryant

Bluegrass Beat
By Berk Bryant

Well, here it comes ... ready or not. October is here, leaves should be falling or preparing to. Bet that nip in the air will be whistling around pretty soon. And oh yeah, with all of those fall colors, those monsters of every description (other than those that haunt my computer with some regularity) will be ringing the old door bell. DING DONG, trick or treat. If that's a threat ... I'll take the treat, thank you.

Old Times

Moving right along, I really don't have that much to move on to. In view of that, I'll share this bit with you. I am writing this at my daughter's home in Virginia. We have had a good week. Besides my daughter and great-granddaughter, I got to see and hash over old times with some cousins. One in particular was a cousin who I hadn't really seen since graduation ... high school, that is. We were in the same class. As I said, we hashed over old times and took a trip to find and see our great grandfather's old home, still standing. One thing for sure, back then in the country there weren't any "improved roads" -- and there still ain't -- into that old home. If I remember right, this is the great-grandfather who served, according to his obituary, with Stonewall Jackson. I'm quick to mention here he wasn't the one who shot Stonewall.

Book Talk

Left my daughter's Monday morning (the 20th) headed for Greensboro, North Carolina, and a good friend who has known me from back in the mid-Fifties. I don't remember right now how we got connected up again but we have been e-mailing for a year or two. We were going to a book talk in Chapel Hill that Tuesday. I don't have my notes with me but I did remember the title, Wade Mainer, The First 100 Years. Will have to get a copy of that.

Come See Us

On my way back from that visit I hoped to stop by The Museum of Appalachia. The big fall homecoming will be October 8-10 this year. Too many to name all, but here are a few you will get to see, hear and meet: Leroy Troy, Doc. Wilhite, Raymond Fairchild, Clinch Valley Bluegrass, The Cluster Pluckers (are back), Gene Horner with Fiddle Shop Band, Lilies Of The West (are back), Phil Ledbetter, Doyle Lawson and many, many more great acts you may only see at this great festival. Oh .... I'll be there on stage three; come see us.

Well good friends and neighbors, I do apologize for the brevity of this 'epistle' or whatever ... better luck next time.

What's Happening

Thought I forgot didn't you? Well here's what's happening. As far as I know at this time, most of the jams are on track. There is one change you need to know: The Vine Grove jam will be moving into City Hall and to Friday nights on OCT. 8th, usual time.

Shepherdsville will be starting on the 8th, and again I don't have my schedule. Call Monroe.

The Belle of Louisville is continuing the Sunday Bluegrass Cruises through October: Oct. 3, Kentucky Blue. Oct. 10, Blue Zen Grass. Oct. 17, Whiskey Bent Valley Boys. Oct. 24, Kentucky Blue. Oct. 30, Blue Zen Grass.

Well y'all, this does it. Check it out, including Sunday Bluegrass, WFPK 91.9 FM, Sunday nights 8-11. Thank y'all, you heah.

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