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Issue: June 2010

Gentle and Bright

Perfect View (Wrong Records)
Libby Johnson

It is hard to put into words Libby Johnson's Perfect View, which is part of what makes this album a worthwhile listen. Each listener could definitely take away a different message from this one album: The words of Perfect View are poetic and the music gentle, bright, and classically technical with a bit of country.

The title track opens the album, breaking gently and describing exactly what makes a perfect view. So, without revealing entirely what it is, Libby sings how even when that special person has gone her view remains perfect. Then the album moves to a bit of an upbeat tempo with "Be Your Revelator," which seems to be a love song. This song has a country feel. The message speaks about how a mixture of emotions may blind you to the true nature of a person, but in the midst of those mixed emotions for a person one can have a revelation of truth.

The middle of the album displays a musical technicality like classical music as displayed by the song "Being Your Stranger" and even the interestingly titled "20 Superheroes." The latter is an uplifting song in that Libby speaks of having the incredible strength of the superheroes. Following this track, "Coming Up for Air" can best be described as a neo-soul/folk song from the sound and the deep words.

The album ends with "I Know You Know," which speaks about learning lessons from experiences. The lone instrument, a guitar, bellows in the background with an echoing chorus, the hallmark of a folk song. Perfect View has the personal complexity of poetry that left me beautifully speechless.

Visit libbyjohnsonmusic.com for more information.

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