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Issue: December 2009

Reggae and Then Some

Mo Lotta (Honor with No Fat Music)
Tony Brown

Tony Brown's Mo Lotta, while classified as a classic reggae album, combines reggae with rock 'n' roll and folk music, among other notable genres. This album provides the listener with two discs that have two separate themes: The first disc has a wider range than the second because it focuses not only on romantic love, but some social and political issues. Brown provides a little bit of something for each type of music lover.

Of course, the album starts off with the make-your-body-move sound of reggae, and then in a surprise it changes to a simple guitar with a folk sound as displayed in track seven, "Things I Do."

Then track eight, "Honey Child," ushers in another surprise with its rock sound. The musical composition of "Honey Child" is heavy on the electric guitar instead of the drum. After this going back and forth of musical genres, disc two continues the mixture within the album to a lesser degree, mainly staying comfortably within the reggae style.

This portion of the CD flows pretty smoothly and calmly, while holding off on the political commentary and focusing more on love and the scenery of the world. The simple guitar playing in "Sea Blue" is sweet and light on the beat side, while the rest of the CD just rocks that oh-so-familiar reggae sound.

This album displays the strength and breath of Tony Brown's musical inclination and song writing ability. Mo Lotta is both an album for dance and relaxation.

Visit www.tman1.com for more information on Mo Lotta.

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