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Issue: September 2009

Between Two Styles

Between 2 Worlds (Heads Up International)
Chuck Loeb

Chuck Loeb's Between 2 Worlds perfectly blends musical styles from his collaborations with his wife Carmen Cuesta and his daughter Lizzy Loeb plus others. The album kicks off with an upbeat tune, "Let's Go," which sounds like a typical jazz jam session complete with instrumental solos by a saxophone, guitar, and trumpet; however, the rest of the album (excluding track five, "Oh No You Didn't," featuring his daughter) pretty much holds steady in a smooth jazz style. This album also features an easy and soft groove with clean articulation of each bar of music.

"Hiram" sets the mood for the rest of the album with its laid-back appeal and the occasional vocal from Cuesta that easily meshes with the soft feel of the song. The title track carries a nice Latin and jazz-based sound which makes it easy to imagine two lovers slowly dancing to the tune in a sensual cha-cha, meringue or tango.

Track seven, "Sò Tinha De Que Ser Com Vocè," reminds the listener of the album's themes of two worlds/cultures coming together because Cuesta sings the song in Spanish -- unlike the other songs, which simply have sprinkles of Latin music. Simple, airy and sweet describe the feelings the song personifies, while moderate with expression describes the tempo and stable explains the tone.

In "The Great Wall" the guitar playing resonates more loudly, yet the song remains relaxing, mellow. Between 2 Worlds beautifully finishes with the lullaby "Early Turns to Late."

Listening to this album makes it easy to understand why Loeb has had longevity in the music business. I highly recommend this album.

Visit www.headsup.com for more information on Chuck Loeb.

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