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Two Pump Chump: "Too Drunk Too Die"

Two Pump Chump recently shot a live taping for Artists International Independent Radio, streamed live at www.aiiradio.net Completely programmed from a studio basement in a house in south Louisville, for a few hours it seemed more like a venue on a Friday night. Some twenty or thirty people were packed in, eating, smoking, laughing and screaming for and at Two Pump Chump. Of course, Two Pump Chumpwas screaming right back at them as well.

Photo of Two Pump Chump
Two Pump Chump

Two Pump Chump has been a vital member of Louisville's original music scene for many years and they are long overdue for attention. Formed in 1999 "from 3 lesbians and a can of tuna-fish at a Billy Graham Crusade" (per twopumpchump.net), 2PC has built a fan base of redneck maniacs who are just as crazy as they are by playing all the major 502 venues, opening for a variety of national acts including Quite Riot and Black Stone Cherry plus playing music festivals like LRS Fest. They also have a full-length album, Deep in the Shag, the source of this story's headline and an audio biography of any given trailer park. It's a little unclear if they are glorifying the lifestyle or making a mockery of it, but whatever their intent was, it was done over a collaboration of massive amounts of cheap beer, funny cigarettes and, of course, a careful selection of actual life events, leading to lyrics for songs like "Trailer Park Love," "More Than a Lesbian," "Can't be Bought," "Underage Girls" and "Knocked Up Lisa."

The acoustic live webcast lacked none of their trademark enthusiasm for playing. It gave their drummer Sean a chance to walk around in the crowd saying "Good Game," while smacking them on their butts. They could really care less to whom or for how many people they are playing, because it's all about having fun while jamming out. There is usually some kind of horseplay going on with them before, during and after the show. The 'when' and the 'where' seem to be irrelevant, so long as they have cheap beer and an audience.

They used to have T-shirts that said, "You're either with Two Pump Chump or with the terrorists." If you can't find a reason to like these guys then you must be a terrorist - and I'm with Two Pump Chump.

Visit their website at to find out where they are playing next.

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