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Issue: April 1989

The Reel News

Falk Recording -- David Blythe, chief engineer, reports that jazz piano wizard Steve Crews has been in cutting demos; The Lousville Chorus got an on-location recording and subsequent studio mix; Mickey Clark, with Turley Richards producing, came in and did overdubs for the "Cardinal Cannonball" single; Professor C & Quasar have been rapping on an album project; other rappers working on projects include: Michael Johnson & Leon (Double J & Pieces Eight); Chris Avery (Zero D); and Detrick Arnold (Iced D). Karen Metcalfe is finishing mix on a six-tune demo package, Gayle King arranging.

Juniper Hill Studios -- Engineer Todd Smith reports that he has been doing a slew of album projects: hard rock/thrash groups Endpoint and Cerebellum have pretty well finished up their albums, to be released on the local Slamdek label; Roz Tate, Springsteen/Mellencamp style rocker, has been working on an album, no title yet; Sam Anderson is finishing a contemporary gospel project; two mainstream rock groups, Graphix and One Night Stand have been spending their nights in the studio with Todd.

Studio 2002 -- Rob Magallon says he's been finishing things. The art for Madd Rabbit's project is about done and Lareka finally got her test pressing back. Rob also says he's thinking of having a day rate: the studio for a whole day for a flat price. Stay tuned.

Allen-Martin Productions -- J.P. Pennington is still working on new tunes, as are the Messengers, a gospel group from Lexington; ditto for the gorgeous Kristi Nichols; Grace Baugh-Bennett is studio-hopping for her piano work; Debbie Tuggle is wrapping up the mix on her album, which engineer Nick Stevens describes as Fifth Avenue Bluegrass; Tom Cosden, aka Cosmo, is working on some material, with Marvin Maxwell of Mom's doing the drumming; J.D. Miller has been kept busy doing production on an album of contemporary Christian material by Richard Wassom, from St. Petersburg, Fla. For a studio that's been down for main board replacement, they've been mighty busy.

Out on Mitchell Hill at Fultz', Ray Fultz says that the Marlins have kept him hopping for most of the month, working on a new album, and are scheduled to go back next month to start on a Christmas album (hear that, you writers?); country singer/songwriter Steve Wallace finished up an album and headed for Nashville to shop it; and Glenn Doyle is scheduled in.

Howie Gano of Mom's/Sound On Sound says the Shufflin' Granddads have been pluggin' away on their new project; David Grubbs, writer/guitarist is assembling an album of metal tunes; Mike Lunsford is doing some work for a Nashville fellow; top-40 band Fire Dept. is scheduled back in to push along a project they've been working on a while; jazz fusion group French TV is putting down tracks for a new album.

Reel To Reel's Jeff Carpenter reports that Volcano Virgin cut a 5-tune demo; also cutting demos are: John Hord; the Bluebirds; the Shades; from Lexington, Ten Foot Pole; albums underway include Lexington's Rasta Fish, re-formed from Rebel W/O a Cause; classical guitarist Dale Grider, due out next month; and a just-finished album on the Hit-A-Note label by Reaction Time is on the streets.

Louisville Test Pressings Follow Up

Terry Medert, PD at WQMF, added some details about the Louisville Test Pressings Show, to be sponsored by Mom's Music. Medert said that all tapes must be on a reel, at a speed of 15 ips, with good sound quality. No tapes will be returned. Medert emphasizes that the band should not send the only copy of the tape. The format should be mainstream rock. Decisions will be made by a committee. The address is WQMF, 4210 Dupont, Louisville, KY 40207.

The show will be run at midnight on a Sunday, but no date for the first show has been set. Medert stated that when enough material arrived for a one hour show, then the show would be scheduled.

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