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Issue: April 1994

Country Style

It's a beautiful sunny day and optimism is in the air. No more snow or ice! Now let's keep it that way. Nature has been too demanding this winter for us to argue with. Quit griping and just be glad to be alive each and every day; live every day to its fullest.

I had the privilege of judging the WAMZ band contest this past month at Jim Porter's. The talent this city has to offer is just amazing; the record people should come to Louisville more often to listen. Fellow judges included my buddies at RCR magazine, Rusty and Ned Holmes, and the wizard of Music Man Records, Charlie Walls. It was a tough job but we had a lot of fun. I know the bands greatly appreciated all the support they received.

Competing to make it to the finals were: Shafford Brothers, BlackHawke Xpress, Brooks Tucker and Nueces, Road House and Amy Cooke and Wild Horses.

The final three bands performing for first place were: BlackHawke Xpress, Wild Horses, and Brooks Tucker and Nueces.

Drum roll, please ... BlackHawke Xpress!

Second place: Amy Cooke and Wild Horses.

Third place: Brooks Tucker and Nueces.

What talented vocalists and instrumentalists; the showmanship was great. The finals were close — within seven points of one another — and there was some sweating going on.

I want to see what Brooks Tucker can do on a larger stage. Electrifying Wild Horses has really improved their looks with the spicy touch of Miss Amy Cooke.

BlackHawke Xpress performed with ease, or would you say smooth. Everything just seemed to fall in place for these guys and gals. Congratulations!

First-place winners received $500, a trophy, and one month of bookings on the country Sundays at Jim Porter's (BlackHawke Xpress has been scheduled for July, a five-Sunday month.)

Check out the Other Smothers Brothers when they are performing in your area. These guys have something great. Their humor and natural talent is so refreshing I think I could listen to them all night.

There's a new kid on the block. Daddy Dan Robinson and his wife Gina are the proud new parents of a darlin' baby girl. Sarah Elizabeth weighed in at 4 lb., 5 oz., 17" long. They say good things come in small packages!

A new place with a familiar name has opened in the Hikes Point area: Flaherty's. Two clubs for the price of one. This does include country, top 40 and blues. Dining is also available.

Rock my world with the new Hard Rock Cafe being built in one of my favorite places — Nashville. This should be interesting.

A call from the wild ... Aaron Tippin has purchased a 300-acre farm with five Mack trucks he will restore and use to do the work on his farm. He is actually going to farm.

Tim McGraw's hit "Indian Outlaw" is catching a lot of criticism from the Cherokee nation. They say it promotes bigotry. Everyone has their own opinion I guess.

Keep sending me your letters; I enjoy hearing from you.

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