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Scene Report
By Duncan Barlow

This past month has seen quite an increase in concerts. The first show of the month was the infamous WQMF Too's birthday bash Sept. 4 on the sunny banks of the Ohio River. There are a few misconceptions about this event. The truth is that Endpoint [Duncan Barlow's band, the only local band to play the concert -- Editor.] was indeed cut three songs short of a full set, but the radio station as a whole was not responsible for this action. As a matter of fact, Gary Guthrie and the DJs treated Endpoint very well. The set was cut a little early; the decision was made by the event coordinator. So if anyone is holding a grudge against the radio station due to the cut-off, they should maybe ponder the fact that it was free, and that the man who cut Endpoint off early saw how much Louisville really supports its local bands.

The major label bands that played the show were fairly friendly, with the exception of MC 900 Ft Jesus who rolled up just in time to play. That is a little too much of the stereotypical "rock and roll" attitude for my liking.

The Jesus Lizard rolled through town Sept. 20 (Louisville Gardens) with a host of celebrity bands: Poster Children, Boys Against Girls, and Mule. I will have to say the highlight of my night was invading the bands' buffet table back stage. Actually the show was very entertaining, but that is all I will say because there was no local band to talk about.

Rodan played their final local show on Sept. 22. The first time I saw Rodan was at a party, and to be honest I left early so that I wouldn't have to tell them that I didn't like them. It is always hardest to tell your friends' bands that you don't like them. But as time proceeded Rodan began to improve; it seemed as if they grew better with each day. This still holds true as their final show was incredible, beyond words. I became an avid Rodan junkie. I was always shy of telling Rodan how much I truly enjoyed them, to avoid the attention they were receiving after the 1/4 Stick release of Rusty. But now that they are fading away I feel I must profess my undying love for the song about the locomotive. Goodbye, you will be truly missed.

Eleven Eleven opened the show, and proved to be one of the tighter bands Louisville has to offer. Eleven Eleven has recently released a demo tape, recorded at D.S.L. studios, that I would suggest any local fan pick up.

Falling Forward and Endpoint are going through some member changes which might surprise anyone who supports the bands. The MetroSchifter record is due out any day now. The Metroschifter tour kicks off in November, so supporters should be looking for a local show soon.

Crain is back together, and preparing to rock Louisville's socks off again. Enkindel is still preparing to release their single on Initial Records.

Rant is gearing up to do another three-day event as a showcase of local talent; this event will take place Sept. 30-Oct. 2.

A lot of bands seem to have just faded away without a trace. I think Louisville needs a good shot in the arm. People need to be more supportive of the local promoters, which basically means to respect their wishes. For example, if the promoter asks you not to smoke in a carpeted room it is probably for a good reason. This, of course, is a reference to Louisville Gardens' refusal to do any more shows due to cigarette burns in the carpet from previous shows. The Gardens is now merely finishing out the shows that they had already signed contracts for.

That is the list for this month. If you have any information that I may have overlooked please feel free to contact me at P.O. Box 5159, Louisville, KY 40205.

Thank you again.

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