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Issue: April 2016

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal
Lee Lanham

Name: Lee M. Lanham

Age: 45

Bands and former bands: Currently with Year of the Gun, formerly of Hearsay Theory and Intake.

How long on instrument: Roughly around 18 years on the bass but I play several other instruments as well just felt more comfortable on the bass.

Equipment used: Ampeg B4R and 6x10 Ampeg cabinet with Warwick 5 string Corvette and a few effects but I like to keep it clean. 

Influences: Anything that grabs me by the booboo! But been checking out a lot of David Pastorious.

My first gig: Staind at Headliners Music Hall back in late 90's.

Hobbies: Music, music and more music! 

Favorite movies: Devils Rejects, Old School, The Shinning, Dazed And Confused, The Wall plus many more. Mostly border around comedy.

Favorite food: Anything Italian, Mexican and Chinese.

Favorite place: Home! lmao! 

Favorite sports/ team: Not to big on sports but when I do I go for college basketball. Don't have really a favorite but would have to go with Kentucky.

What do you listen to now days: Lots of music nothing specific but listening to a lot of Deftones here lately and as well oldschool classics but hell I listen to a lot of different stuff.

Coolest thing I've done: Becoming a dad! 

Most embarrassing thing I've done: Well, I'm not really sure! I've done some silly shit but never cared if I was embarrassed or not. lol

Bad habits: Smoking ciggs but that's all I'm sayin,lol! 

My first concert: Kiss back in 1974 when my mom worked at City Lights. She had to take me to work cause of no babysitter. Think she said I freaked out, lol! But the Doobie Brothers is the only one I remembered back then cause she took me to a lot plus Alice Cooper.

What rock star would I like to meet past or present: Kurt Cobain, would like to know how someone can move a generation of music lovers like he did and then take his own life. Just doesn't add up.

Who do you love: Love for all my friends and family also my kiddo's and my queen, oh and of course my first love music! lol

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