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Issue: February 2016

Louisville Rock Closeup
By Eddy Metal

Steven Clark & The Ass Haulers

Vocals / Guitar

Name: Steven Clark (pronounced StevenClark, always the full name, like Madonna, Jackie O, or Don Draper).

Age: I am currently seeking a female vocalist. She can contact me via www.AssHaulers.com, thanks for asking!

Steven Clark

Instrument: Guitars with between one and six strings, I like kooky shit, just built a Diddy Bo.

Band/Former Bands: I am currently in "The Ass Haulers" with my brother Billy Masterson, it's just the two of us and whomever else we can sucker in at any given time. I have only been in one band, that was "Godhead", and that project mutated into Cornbread Mafia. We left a zig-zagging trail of bodies from L.A. to N.Y. and back, you've heard the stories. Eventually "Cornbread" imploded and begat "The Ass Haulers"...same damn drummer.

How long on instrument: Started at twelve or thirteen and then I quit for a very long time when I discovered cameras could earn me more money and I didn't have to practice as much, now I use both for my purposes.

Equipment: I have a problem with bourbon and buying vintage gear online. I'm working on a way to rig a breathalyzer kill switch to my PayPal account. I'm a PTP tube amp nerd, I currently own about nine or ten amps that I use for recording and such. The two 1964 Sears Silvertone 1484s are my favorite tone generators but they aren't roadworthy so I had a 3X10 amp built that has the tone stack of a 1484, the pre-amp section of a JCM 800, and the transformers and power section of a 1959 Bassman, that's my gigging amp. I run that live with a 1959 Bassman 4x10 combo and it screams TRUTH! I build a lot of my guitars but my 1958 Valco/Supro that I use for slide is unbeatable. I'm not sure how many guitars I have, Gretsches, Airlines, Resonators, Silvertones, Tenor guitars...there is a room for that.

Influences: Cramps, Muddy, John Lee Hooker, Sam Hopkins, Stooges, AC/DC, The Blasters, if you are dead and black I probably own and love your music.

My first gig: The middle school talent show. We had no concept of tuning to each other, (tuning is a decadent and European concept after all…) we tried to play "Teenage Lobotomy" by The Ramones. I went to Radio Shack and bought a fifty foot spool of guitar cable and put a plug on each end because I couldn't afford a wireless, then ran a homemade distortion box into my 100 watt Silvertone 1485 and we SUCKED ASS! The teacher said we could be in the show if we promised to practice, which we didn't, but then they kicked us out for discipline issues and poor grades anyway. It was middle school and I already had a cool amp, an attitude, and been fired from a gig!

Hobbies: No time to waste.

Favorite movies: Apocalypse Now.

Favorite food: Whatever is near. I don't eat for pleasure only because the human body requires it.

Favorite place: Any place that I haven't been before.

Favorite sports or team: Steven Clark doesn't play games.

What I'm listening to nowadays: Howlin' Wolf, Sparklehorse, and Nellie Pearl.

Coolest thing I've done?: Opened up for Cheap Trick, witnessed an open-skull brain surgery from about two feet away, made a few movies, drowned and lived (obviously), was run over by a truck while on my motorcycle and lived (obviously).

What's next?: We are releasing a collection of songs called "Power Chord Trilogy" that has a lot of great players on it, Screamin' John Hawkins, Tony McElwain, Frank Green, Jimi V, and others. We're shooting a bunch of videos to promote that and hitting the road in the summer.

Most embarrassing moment: Every time I take the stage.

When/where did you first get some: I assume by 'some' you mean sweet sweet lovin', there is a story on our website (www.AssHaulers.com) in the "AssBlogs" section called "Reincarnation of a Bluesman" that details this. I was very young and paid her with popsicles.

If you could meet a Rockstar ( past or present ), who would it be, and why?: I've met Lemmy, there is nowhere to go from there.

Who do you love?: I love everyone in varying degrees. Some people are a 10 on my love meter and some are a -3, but it's all love.

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