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News From The Pit

News From The Pit
By Laura Spaulding

Hey Pit People!

 Read on for shows, news and a few quickie CD reviews!

Shows this month are rare compared to the summer months, but here’s what’s going on as the temperature starts to change:

N Friday, September 1 – “Original Rock Showcase” at the Phoenix Hill Tavern Roof Garden. The lineup will be Room for Emotion, Screaming Through December, Month of Sundays and Chronic Jones.

Early notice for the October Showcase - get ready for Factor 9, Luther, Lifetap and Seth.

The “Showcase” events have been getting tremendous response. Lets keep up the support of Louisville music!

N September 3 - Mercedes and Kilowatt Hours at the Pandamonium Arcade - 7 p.m.

N September 5 - The Blackheart Procession and Parlour, also at the Pandamonium - doors open at 7 p.m.

N September 8 - Kiss at Lexington Rupp Arena - Yesssssss!!! ‘Nuff said!!

N September 23 - Pandamonium - One Year Anniversary Show for Sen! Also appearing will be Flaw, The Revenants and False. It’s a bargain at $5. Show starts at 7 p.m.

N September 27 - This is a tentative date for Black Label Society and Crowbar. I have yet to hear a definite confirmation on this one,  but keep your eyes and ears open for venue and ticket prices. This is a “do not miss” show, so lets hope it happens!

News and Tidbits

N Sen.’s debut CD is now on sale at Ear X-tacky, Ground Zero, Better Days Records and New Age Gifts. Also, check out their updated website, download songs and get the latest info at www.senmusic.da.ru

N With the departure of Johnny Woodridge, My Own Victim is still auditioning drummers. Former stickman Ivan Arnold is covering the beat until the spot is filled.

If you are interested and would like more info, contact BrianOmer@aol.com

N Monster Magnet is working on a new CD, which should be released in early 2001.

N For your info and to dispel any rumors - Onslaught has not broken up.

The band released Bludgeoned, a full length CD in 1998 and just released a new demo, Receive The Pain, distributed by ISA Records. The CD is available at Ear X-tacky, Ground Zero and Showcase Music. They also have a tune on the upcoming 100.5 The Fox Compilation CD.

A new addition to the band is drummer Dean Beatty - formerly of Rocket.

Onslaught has been on hiatus for about a year now, but is ready to rip things up again in a very heavy way! So all you kiddies in the pit – get ready!

Watch for show dates and more info in upcoming issues!


N I was lucky enough to get to check out the Ozzfest at Deer Creek Music Center in Noblesville, Indiana on August 10. Unfortunately, I missed several bands due to my late arrival, but I did get to check out the best of the bunch.

Godsmack - still somewhat newcomers to the scene - played an energetic set to the enthusiastic crowd. Actually, the crowd on the lawn was a bit overly enthusiastic, as demonstrated by the pulling up and throwing of sod!

Soulfully – playing on the second stage was a pleasant surprise. The band has a new CD coming out on September 26 entitled Primitive. Max Caviler is keeping a tribal sound on the new material - sounds pretty good.

The highlight of Soulfly’s set was definitely the intensity of the band and the mush pit during “Roots Bloody Roots”(from Sepulture’s 1996 CD Roots). The sight and sound of that was pretty amazing!

Pantera, touring in support of Reinventing The Steel, played an awesome set (as always) of new and older tunes. Singer Phil Anselmo reminded the crowd repeatedly that Pantera is the “king of metal,” then said of headliner Ozzy - “If we’re the kings of metal - then God is coming up next.”

Pantera’s set was so extreme that I believe they deserved their “right before Ozzy” spot. Them boys pack a powerful punch, indeed!

Then - The Ozzman Cometh!!

Ozzy opened his set with “I Don’t Know” to a very appreciative crowd. The man of the hour was worth the wait and as usual put on a kick-butt show!

If you haven’t made it to the Ozzfest 2000 yet, try to catch one of the dates that are left on the tour.

I’m already looking forward to Ozzfest 2001!

N Colby Keeler - whom some of you might know - is putting together a “Hard Rock Festival” to be held in Louisville in December. He is looking for bands to play the fest,  so if your band is interested, please send press kits and demos with at least three songs to 1103 East 10 Street, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130. There is no submission fee, but entries must be received by September 15.

N Corrosion Of Conformity news: the recording for the new CD America’s Volume Dealer is almost finished and the new release date is set for October 10. C.O.C. recently opened for Metallica for two shows in Dallas and two in Atlanta, to good response in both cities.

Log on to www.coc.net to download the new tune “Over Me” and for the latest info!

N Starting September 1, Metal Blade Records will be holding the Metal Search 2000 contest. They will award the band with the best MP3s with a record contract! For more info, log on to www.metalsearch2000.mp3.com

 All metal bands should check this out. This is your chance to move up the ladder, so go for it!

Now - a few quickie CD reviews for ya - Rating scale - 1 - 5 skulls - 5 means it kicks butt - buy it now!

Motor Driven Bimbo

(Steamhammer/SPV GmbH)


Rockbitch is a little bit of a lot of things. Heavy and diverse, funky and free, unconventional and definitely not the norm! The band is made up of six women and one male guitarist, who has recently taken over managerial duties.

According to the bio, Rockbitch was formed in England and is now based in France, where the band lives commune style. The twelve-song CD is full of heavy tunes with titles like “SNAFU,” “Sex & the Devil,” “Nympho” and my pick. “The Church.”

I can’t really go into the lyrics here - um - they’re pretty explicit!

The band is good overall, but the fretless bass playing of The Bitch (hey - that’s her name on the CD insert) is quite impressive and makes a lot of the songs stand out.

You won’t hear anything else like this!

Buy it!


Sen (Independent)


Debut CD from Louisville boys Sen.

Real good stuff here! Reminds me of Metallica’s Master Of Puppets and Megadeth’s Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?

It is invigorating to hear some bona fide metal being made! With today’s flavor-of-the-month-act and Limp Bizkit wannabes – I’m happy to see Sen keeping it real! The CD has a total of six songs and my picks of the bunch are “Hellbound,” “Present Death” and “Red Stare.”

Buy it now!


Flat Mary Stone

3 Songs/15 Minutes (Independent)

I did a review of Flat Mary Stone’s debut Eighty-Seven back in the April issue. That was a good CD, but this new 3-song disc shows much growth within the band as musicians and a more mature, updated sound. The three tunes are “Feverish and Tempered,” “Sculch” and “Spare Me (all the answers),” which is getting airplay on the Fox, so be listening for it. Also, look for a possible show here in the next few months. More news as I hear it. I see good things on the way for Flat Mary Stone.

 Buy this CD! Log on to www.flatmarystone.com for the latest information.


Well that’s it for me this month.

Thanks to everyone for sending in your news and show dates, etc. Please email me at pitnews@yahoo.com

See ya next month!

Support all metal!

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