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God Bless the Cathode Ray Tube

Channel Surfing With...(Fast Music)

The Astroglides

Picture this: You, music lover and faithful reader of this publication, live in a country that's fairly new to the English language. Imagine that just 30 years ago your country produced a series of English-speaking television shows to help its population learn some English vocabulary. Now imagine instrumental covers of the theme songs of your favorite old English-language television shows. Sounds almost sentimental and cozy, doesn't it? Well, being out of the habit of watching early 70's Israeli television shows dubbed in English, I find it challenging to compare these covers to the original theme songs. However, I can tell you this album is a rip and a roar, a barrel full of Darwin's ancestors and yo-ho-ho and a bottle of how's your equilibrium now. Having heard the Astroglides' previous thrash-punk album, rest assured they haven't so much settled down as redirected their creative energy into a quite fun direction (aside from the provocative cover art).

As you wade through the beginning of this "Tropically Disturbed" "Cruise Down Menahem Begin Blvd," you'll encounter a studious voice stating, "I have the feeling that the key to this case is not what people were doing, but what they said they were doing when the lights went out," at the appropriate lead-in to the spy-fi theme of "Inspector Neer." It's as sinister as any Bond (James Bond) nemesis and as action-filled as a day in the life of Steve McGarrett.

"The Man with the Golden Reverb" is of course music from the barstool right next to where Mr. Bond is sipping (not guzzling) his shaken (not stirred) martini. Similarly Bondian is "The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob," though you've never heard spy guitar as heavy or as close to metal - or as effective - as this. Without giving away the contents of the entire album, cool and dangerous substance such as "Gunslinger 406 Malfunction," "Crime & the Law," "2003 Horsepower," "Meat Cleavage" and "Second Look" help fill the rest of the CD.

Feel free - even encouraged through the dark alley nearest you - to visit the Astroglides at www.astroglides.com; not to mention offering questions and feedback to Ran Mosessco via burnman@netvision.net.il. Like an album without the full track listing on the jacket, this review did neglect to mention the five bonus tracks, including somewhat provocative titles like "High Tide," "Dark Surf" and "Sewerpipe Ride."

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