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Paul Moffett

Down On The Corner
By Paul Moffett

Hot Dang, Farm Aid! Coming to Louisville on October 1.

• Believe it or not, the staff at Louisville Music News has decided that after more than six straight years, it's time to take a week off. The office will be closed from August 5 through August 13. We'll be back on Monday, August 14.

• For you yard sale-type fans, I will be having a yard sale on Saturday, August 12. (That's what I do on my vacations, sometimes.) Look in the One Great Newspaper on Friday, August 11, in the Yard Sale section of the Classified Ads. We'll be on Altawood Court, selling much stuff, including assorted IBM computers, software and related items, a guitar or two, a hom or two, various musical equipment, furniture and whatever else I can drag out of the basement/garage/back room/attic etc. Come help make it go away.

• Talked to Phyllis Free the other day. She gave me the word that Yer Girlfriend is in the studio again, working on anther project, with noted Washington-area women's music producer Mary Blank Maier handling producer chores. Might be right interesting.

• Speaking of clients of Kay Milam, look out for the review of Kelly Richey's newest album in next month's issue. We'll be premiering a new "Local Reviews" feature.

Alan Rhody always keeps us informed about his doin's, bein's that he's a Lou-avull boy an' all (when he's not in Nashville). He's working on a new CD, coming out on Cross-Tree Records some time in the fall. (You know how those CD release dates just sort of float along. Ask Winston Hardy.) Anyway, Alan IS a songwriter, so here' s the scoop: He's got a cut of "The Mother Road," his Route 66 song, on a new CD entitled "Songs of Route 66," which is being assembled by the drummer for Asleep at the Wheel, David Sanger. The CD is on the Lazy S.O.B. label.

Rhody will also go play at the kickoff show in Oklahoma in early fall, too.

AND Alan will have a cut on the 1995 Kerrville Compilation CD due out in early '96. He played at Kerrville in May.

AND OH YEAH, he's playing at the Rud on August 11. Larry Colburn will be playing bass with him.

• Palace Theatre publicist and all-purpose media handler Marci Levine had a baby girl, Jordyn Nicole, on May 25. Marci is back at work Oh, sorry, vital data are 7 lb 9 oz, 20" in length.

Starbilly frontman and possesser of cello Peter Searcy will he handling host chores at a new Open Stage at the Butchertown Pub, set for Thursdays in August. Show up and sign up, first come first served, no phone-ins. Sounds like those folks did their homework.

Gary Wallace Needs More Help Dept. The Flashback is staging a couple of additional shows to help Gary Wallace. The dates are August ll and 12. The Flashback is located at 2126 S. Preston.

• The Louisville Youth Orchestra is auditioning interested students through the age of 21 for the 1995-96 seasons. Auditions will take place in late August and early September. For more information, contact Melody Welsh at 502-5820135.

• The Mandolin Orchestra is off to Europe again — can't wait to hear how the trip went.

Key Changes

William "Billy McClaln" Blair, 47, died at home on July 1. Blair was a member of the Boogie Morton and Friends Band and a minister of music at the Burnett Avenue Baptist Chuch.

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